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" The entire absence of joy or the continuous feeling of being miserable, for them that do not Thee or the imitative or delusive joy arising from the world-wormness and sense living of them that are in dark regarding Thee respectively. These two, as also the joy of truly wise and followers of truth, all proceed from Thee and are making of Thine and are aspects of Thine alone. "
Mother is the creator, nourisher & re-arranger  of universes. Mother is the holder of the universe with Her wonderful powers of desire, knowledge and action. Mother is the soul of  all sublimity, beauty, compassion and mercy. Mother is the master of Nature, Divine Law. Providence, Fate, Time, Primal Desire, Force, Evolution and what atheists call Chance. Mother is Guru (Master) and Mother is Kundalini or serpentine power. Mother is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. Mother is sportivity, beneficence and bliss. Mother is beyond being personal or impersonal, beyond being with or without qualities and powerful to do or undo and undo or do in the most wonderfully never-imagined manner.
Hindus have the first privilege  of originating the Mother conception. They have left no homage unpaid to Mother and they have addressed God first as Mother. Hindus have appreciated Mother's might in destroying evils which none else can eradicate. Mai-ism is fully indebted to Hinduism for Mother conception and yet the Hindu Mother's conception is not the same as Mai's. An average Hindu has before him the picture of an invincible Power, which if pleased enthrones one in heaven and if displeased buries him in hell. The ideal of Mother's Love to Her child, though not absent, has been extremely rare.Mother under Hinduism is a personification of Power and not the Mother who loves Her child.The popular conception about Mother has been that of a deity, though benign but yet of sternness, terror and distructivity. Adoration for Hindu Mother is an outcome of fear of Her displeasure and the easy procurability of one's desire through Her.
The Hindu ideal of Mother has awfully regenerated as times have rolled. Mai-ism aspires to re-install and rejuvenate Hindu Mother in Her True, Universal, Merciful and Motherly aspect.
The religious ideal which can suit the modern world is one that can take the whole humanity in its embrace, which can respect and give a free play to Conscience, Reason, Experience and Science, which would allow every man to live well and teach letting others live well, which will ensure a perfect freedom for every soul to work out its own salvation in its own way, which will teach maintaining sense of proportion and proper evaluation of essentials and non-essentials of a religion, which would develop the faculty of judging all actions and actors, not by their positional values, but by the tests of the fundamental they satisfy, which would guide without intimidation and mental enslavement, which would make one free from the poison of the over-consciousness of superiority and inferiority of man to man, and lastly, which would develop the spirit of practical sisterhood and brotherhood in the daily routine of life.


Universal Motherhood was conceived in 1932 and Mother was installed on 2 September 1932. In celebration of the installation, a sisters' social of over 300 sisters of different religions was convened in Poona ( Pune ) on 9 October 1932.  Mother has been worshipped  and Her sacred name ' Mai ' is being repeated by thousands. Miraculous instances of Mother's Grace have been innumerable. Mai's religious teachings  and worships have started in several cities and towns. Offerings in aggregate in the shape of over thirty crores  of written Mai-names JAY-MAI JAY MARKAND MAI  in writing have come forth at a finger's tip and with a continuous ever running flow till now.
Mai-ism was represented at the All Faiths' Conference, Nasik, in 1933 and at the ninth Indian Philosophical Congress in 1934, ( ' God as Mother '  speech, and ' Modern world and Motherhood of God 'Thesis, respectively ).
Mai-ism has been explained in full  details in two volumes of ' Mother and Mother's Thousand Names ', and ' Mai-ism ' , ( each covering more than seven hundred pages )


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