Thursday, February 20, 2014

About Sisters' Socials

MAI SWARUPA OR MAIJI BELIEVES THAT THE MOST PRACTICAL, EASY LIGHT AND EFFICIENT MEASURE to drown all hatred and vice , immorality and irreligion etc. is to increase  the sum total of the best elements that can happify the world. And that can be best done by raising the character, virtue, religiosity and reconciliatory universal mentality of the human mothers of different religions  and communities , meeting together in Sisters' Socials, where they would exchange thoughts, create sympathies, remove prejudices and be drawn together. This undertaking of Sisters' Socials can have best fruitfulness if to the human efforts, Divine Grace and spiritual force are all added, on making such Sisters' Socials to be purely religious functions under the blessings of the Divine Mother of all, the most merciful Mother Mai.
In this respect Mai-ism  states as under on page 35," If you make one brother religious or righteous, he is by himself alone. He may discontinue if there is displeasure at home. If you make a sister Righteous or religious, there follows an army of righteous and religious persons, and  relations in oneness and blood-bondage with her."
" The central pivot of any nation, for the development of its religiosity, righteousness, culture and civilization is its womenfolk in general, and Motherfolk in particular, ( Any mother being  herself a Divine Shakthi ).  Woman is the Maker and Dictator of man through her mysterious powers of infatuation, love and protection. Woman is love and service in human form. Wisest thing is to turn that accumulated Shakthi torrent in the direction of highest righteousness and truest religiosity. 
"In this connection, I am happiest to record my experience in Japan. Sisters there pressed me to have a special day to instruct them fully about Mai-ism, and Mai-worship  was held on Friday, 20 May, 1955 when amongst others there were 18 sisters  who heard me  for more than an hour. We than had Mai-worship and a photograph of the 18 prominent sisters round about me  and my companion solicitor, Dalal, was taken, as exclusively of sisters . The copies of the unique photograph, has been preserved in Mai Niwas, Japan Album.
 Having given a fair idea about Mai and mai-ism, as to its broadest principles, the life-mission of Mai Swarupa or Maiji, and the underlying ennobling and religionising and reconcilliatory object of advocating Sisters' Socials , we further proceed with the description of the Sisters' Socials.