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MAI NIWAS is The Cosmic Center of Mai-ism. Built-in 1949 it remains the Sanctum Sanctorum for Mai-ism. It is situated at the westernmost end of Saraswati Road, Santacruz West, Mumbai- 400054,BHARAT 
( INDIA ). It was here that the Great Saint and the Founder of the Universal Religion of Mai-ism Mai Swarup Mai Markandji endearingly called Maiji the only one and the great Motherly Saint spent about 17 years of His blessed life alone in deep meditation of Mother Mai. It is here that the Most Merciful Mother Mai, the Universal Divine Mother Mai, the Universal Divine Mother resides eternally with Her abiding smile ever ready to run to the succour of Her Devotees. It is here that the countless number of people were relieved of their miseries.
A word about Mai Niwas. At first, it consisted of a prayer hall admeasuring 28 feet X 16 Feet and two rooms besides a kitchen. Later on, one more room was added. At the instance of Maiji-IV, a self-contained two-room flat was constructed on the terrace. Later on, marble flooring was laid instead of the original floor tiles on the entire ground floor. This work has been completed under the supervision of Maiji-V.
Impelled by the sympathy for the suffering fellow- beings Maiji-IV opened a free dispensary at Mai Niwas. It has been functioning smoothly by the grace of Mai-Maiji under the able guidance of an eminent physician.
Most Merciful Mother is installed at the westernmost extremity of the prayer hall, facing the East.
Both Mai and Maiji are worshipped every day and on a large scale on Fridays and Saturdays in Mai Niwas when congregational prayers are invariably held at 7 pm onwards. A bronze statue of Maiji is installed at the Eastern end of the veranda at Mai Niwas under the supervision of the Maiji II with the donations raised by a few close devotees. Maiji is worshipped here also. The veranda is sacred because it is here that the Great Saint used to relax in the night repeating " Mai Markand Ardha Sahasranam "
Maiji was an incarnation of love and mercy. He worked very hard till 21-12-1966 when he returned to the Lotus Feet of Mother  Mai. He wrote his Magnum Opus " Mai-ism " in Mai Niwas. Several other books were also produced by him. If the walls of Mai Niwas could articulate they will tell that He had wiped the tears of thousands of misery stricken people and restored their happiness. Never He erred in misery relief. There has been no case of misery stricken person who contacted Maiji returning without relief or disappointed. Mother was at his back and call. He held regular communion with Her. He worked ceaselessly for outspread of the Universal Religion of Mai-ism. He established at the insistent and repeated behest of Mai for the happiness of the people at large. In Mai Niwas, he taught his chosen disciples how to propitiate Most Merciful Mother Mai. He loved His disciples with all His heart. ~ U.R.M.   U.G. MENON


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+91 8928299808

NOTE: - Mai-ism was represented at All Faiths' Conference at Nasik ( India ) in 1933 and the Indian Philosophical Congress at Poona ( India ) in 1934. Maiji was invited to Japan for the World Religious Congress in 1955. Maiji was the Sub-Councilor-in-Chief of the International Religious Federation which was started in Japan in 1955.
Maiji had been elected as VICE PRESIDENT and spiritual MINISTER for PEACEFUL HUMAN RELATIONSHIP & Universal Religious Alliance ( U.R.A. ) in Havana, Cuba for SIX YEARS FROM 1959 TO 1965.
The most appreciated representation of Mai-ism was at the Universal Religious Alliance World Congress held at Havana in Cuba from 23 October 1959 to 22 January 1960. Mai-ism was explained, discussed and commented upon in the World Congress by Revered Sister Duchesse Blanche Ledran, the Grand Chancellor of the Universal Religious Alliance. Mai-ism received the greatest approbation in this World Congress of the Universal Religious Alliance, which has a standing of over five decades. In fact, it is one of the most important universal religious institutes. As stated in the Preliminary Report pertaining to the Congress held on 23 October 1959, the complete attendance at the Congress was around 3800 persons 2184 of which integrated about 318 different official delegations, which came from 96 different countries. The representation was of 449 different sections and sub-sections of religious and various organizations. Furthermore, 43 countries had sent their official observers. Appreciation and truest understanding about  Mai-ism by the  said World  Congress would be evident from these words; " We have received valuable literature from all quarters of the world, which amply reveals  that the regeneration of man is at hand, as well as that a new age ( Aquarian )is being ushered in taking the shape of  a brand new Spiritual Civilisation. We recommend such sources of research. We recommend Mai-ism and the Mai Institute of Santa Cruz West, Bombay - 54, India". ~ Extract from MOTHER'S MESSAGE.

By Shalini Menon 

' MAI NIWAS' Mother Mai's Mansion
Let this be always your journey's destination

A humble structure to unknowing passers-by
But they are sure to feel an aura alive

Evil thoughts and base desires to which humans are prone
Will find it difficult  to enter this enchanted zone

Even the most wicked man with animal instincts
Will at the least become human within these precincts 

Discard notions of colour, sex and religion 
For in here you have no other identity, but as MAI MAIJI'S children

Fortunate are they who live in the vicinity
As they get to inhale air of such sanctity

This is an oasis where you can refresh yourself
When you are down and out in a world of power and pelf

Many are an estranged couple on praying here 
Have been recompensed with connubial bliss dear 

Dire sinners have returned home with their hearts lightened 
Tears of remorse  shed and vows of abstinence strengthened 

Youngsters have offered a heartfelt prayer
And have found their examination results more than fair

Devotees struggling to earn their daily bread 
Slowly the path to riches have tread

Barren women have of MAI MAIJI begged
And with a bonny baby been duly blessed

People in financial ruin and going bankrupt
Have been saved from the brink to their joy un-corrupt 

Those who crave the spiritual nectar 
Have found it to be more than abundant here

But remember that your desire's fructification
Depends on the intensity of prayer and your heart's liquefaction 

Your Prarabdha may sometimes not allow your desire's actualization
But rest assured you will soon experience MAI MAIJI'S benign consolation 

MAI NIWAS, Mother Mai's Mansion 
Let this always be your journey's destination



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Notes on universal religion maiism

 I am not still contented with innumerable long letters I have sent to so many religious thinkers in India and abroad. If it were possible, I would have run down to each of the greatest religious highest souls, or any religion and any country or any nation. I would have tapped their doors even in the midst of night, and waited fine hours till they called me, and under every pressure from my little sell I would have entreated them and all of us, as are serious and willing and finally would have seriously talked together for hours and days, ta arrive at some most agreeable lines, on which to set up the skeleton of a Universal Religion's frame work.

However, we all truly Universal Religionists, are locked up in most unapproachable, distant most cells by Satan, working through materialism, inividualism and atheism. This world itself, I have found to be the greatest Babel Tower, where none correctly reads or understands the mind and heart of the other, nor is the speech and language being interpreted in the same spirit as the speaker. I have found language to be quite a poor means of communication, especially while trying to transfer the subtlest shades of sublime thoughts and emotions of religion. We have the least assistance or sympathy, encouragement or appreciation from the general humanity, for whom in fact we have lived and dedicated our lives, minds and hearts. There is, therefore, absolutely very little hope of reaping the harvest of our sown see during our own life. This is one of the greatest reasons, why religion alone can bring into existence, an entirely transformed patter mankind, which is surely not the work of a single man of al but of so many men working for so many quarters and centuries, from generation to generation, in succession, with inheritance, and mild moral persuasive and appealing controlling suggestive mental and soul power.

All the same, let me clear as much as I can, through the most ineffective poor instrumentality of a paper, pen, post and press, in respect of how far Mai-ism has been most favorable and suitable to the new age, as its acceptable Universal World Religion. The most practical measure, is that of, any two highest religious thinking souls, being brought together in personal contact, or in frequent long hours, open-minded interview, or being closeted together, (each one in communion with one's own God for some few hours in solitude) and finally, drawing up certain valuable conclusions on comparing notes of all sided aspects that is many times more fruitful than any number of temporary Congresses or routinistic societies. (It need not be mentioned again and again, that under Mai-ism, who-ever is one's own God, referred to above i.e. during closetting together, is immaterial.) Please remember in this connection, that, Mai-ism has its own certain special characteristics, which require all impartial and experienced deep religious thinkers to think upon, most meditatively.

In fact, I cannot myself understand, why I should have called Maiism a religion. In absence of any better denomination, I have called it Mai-ism, and Mai-ism, the Universal Religion. It is not the creation of a fad. It is not the same pattern, on which all individual religions have been cast, only with a little change here and there. Of course, the working of the principle of any religious machinery is impossible to be something never heard before. All the same, Mai-ism is not based on the very same principles, at least in the external forms, which each individual religion usually shows at its first sight. Surely, as everyone knows, there can be nothing entirely new under the sun, at least in the matters of religiosity and spirituality. All the same, there are vast differences of the elementary fundamentals, ways, methods, beliefs, etc. The finalmost truth is the same. But the way and the life differs. Simplest figure of 9 is derived through several calculations, as 4+5, or 10-1, or 3x3, or 90 = 10., involving innumerable additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions. Final result remaining surely the same, there are easy or complicated, short or long, ways and methods, Naturally enough, the higher and higher you go over a pyramid, any two points of any two different facets to be much nearer each other. Of course, in that sense, Maiism at the points nearest to the apex, cannot be an entirely different heterogeneous thing from all individual religions. It may alca clearly seen that, looked from the highest point of view N cannot be entirely unconcerned with, and quite dissimilar individual religions.

The main characteristics of Mai-ism are as under :

(a) It would look, for instance, quite strange, as stated in Main Mother's Message, page 5 - that even one who does not believe in God but does believe in common tie of humanity and practises service and extends love to all is a Mai-ist, (with some locus standi under religion), Mai-ism accepts you, even if you only have the universal outlook and live the life of universal love and universal service, to the extent of your possibility and practicability.

(b) Without diving deep into the subtleties of Mai-ism, some religionists have asked superficially, “Why do you add one more religion to the already too many that have sufficiently confused the world?'' The reply to such hasty conclusion is what I stated above, viz., that it is not a religion in exactly the same sense as all individual religions have so far been. Overcrowding is possible, only when different individualities of the very same nature, variety and pattern, are huddled together. Only a single student studying Latin in a College does not over-crowd all other language classes.

(c) Whereas all religions, till now, have worked on the in creating diversities out of unity, here is an entirely reverse goal object, purpose and measure, and move in the opposite direction  channelizing all diversities towards unity. Whereas all 1 religions represent centrifugal forces, which result in their flying away from the centre, Mai-ism represents the centripetal forces, which would result in all individual religions rushing towards the centre. Although the object in view is just the reverse, its working on the same lines as the individual religions becomes indispensable, in as much as it would only then be able to counteract the poisonous effect of the past. Any antidote to any poison, given inadvertently or purposely through a medicine, is again required to be, although of an entirely reverse nature, through medicine, and medicine alone. A diamond alone can cut a diamond. Even when the direction has to be reversed, any train's work, carrying hundreds of passengers, has to be done by a different train alone, although the second train is required to be a herculean train, and running in a different direction. It is therefore, that the philosophy and movement of Mai -ism fall under the nomenclature of a religion, even though, as stated above, it does not insist on some belief in the very existence of God. And yet while this is being broadly stated, let there be no misunderstanding that Mai-ism is a religion of no God. Just the reverse. The spring of surviving stamina and security of Mai-ism sprays itself from Godliness itself through goodness givingn-ess and greatness (vide World's need page 4.) .

The main-most difference is, there is no compulsion and no pressure, and no misunderstandings-creation for them, that of themselves feel no need of a God. Mai - ism is eagerly anxious to take them upon its shoulders. Just the reverse of 'no God', it depends fully for its success, only on God's grace, only on Mai's grace. However, it tries to provide various ways, means and teachings for all classes of persons at different stages of evolution. Mai-ism is not for confusing, discouraging or expelling them, that fall below a certain ideal rigid standard; but gradually lifting everyone from one's own stage to higher and higher stages.

(d) The next thing to note is that Mai-ism is all inclusive, as stated in the very first page of " Mother's Message", where it states, that Mai-ism is the Universal Religion without caste, creed or colour.

With full respect to and following one's own religion, without departure, one can be a Hindu Mai-ist, a Christian Maiist ,  Muslim Mai-ist, a Buddha Mai-ist, etc.

(e) Mother Mai has always been discussed to be sexless or beyond sex, and hence, Mai-ism has absolutely nothing to object against Fai-ism. If at all in future any such religion is given by God Almighty to the world, as stated in Mai-ism, Mai or Fai is the very same Almighty, who has the aspect of Mai or Fai, according as the devotees and worshippers desire.

(f) It has been also very clearly stated under Mai-ism, that anyone can simultaneously have his own individual religion for individual purposes ( for his preliminary evolution ), with quite a smooth and harmonious living in the midst of his own society, and yet, without the least conflict, he can have the Universal Religion, which is meant for universal purposes, and for higher evolution, as well. That is so because the purposes, aims and objects, fields and duties, associations, environments and problems of individual religion and universal religion are entirely different. There is absolutely no conflict, unless either of them is twisted to bear wrong, untrue and half-distorted interpretations. Mai-ism says that we never find any portion of our body working against the well-being of the whole body itself. Whenever either the universal religion or individual religion interprets any truth, as in contradiction to the well-being of the Universal Religion or any individual religion, surely, it must be inferred that there is something wrong somewhere, in the interpretation. And that can be at once remedied, if the whole and all parts are mutually interconnected and united. These parts have always to be fully harmonious with one another and also with the whole.

Surely, the highest religious thinkers have gradually arrive the stage of visualising the need of a Universal Religion, as the federation of all. What Mai-ism puts before the world is a third requirement, viz., that the Universal Religion has to be a full fledged religion, to serve as the federator of all religions.

(g) Further, Mai is the Mother or the Spirit, or what the Christians imagine and call, “The Holy Ghost”. Mai is the Mother of all and of any deity and of any worshipper. It is the God of any religion and even of any imaginary God of any conception.

(h) Another feature of Mai-ism is that it believes the world cannot have the benefits of a Universal Religion, unless, it is entwined around a Universally accepted God. A Union of Ferocious lions wishing to tear each other, most united with one another cannot be brought into existence, simply as a result of mere wishes of idealists, or by a flock of bleating lambs.

(i) In the matter of selection of the conception of the Universal God, nothing can be so very natural, easily follow-able, and familiar, as the parental conception; and further, in as much as father is justice and mother is mercy, and yet further, inasmuch the world needs, in the modern age, God's mercy, Motherhood of God is, at least in the belief of Mai-ism, most preferable. In respect of the selection of God from the point of parentage, fatherhood or motherhood, the world has to be extremely practical to be fully deriving every exaltation. "There is no religion higher than truth" and mere notions of man-made decisions regarding our courtesies or their reverses of vulgarisms should not deter the world from holding final truths fully in front of one's face.

From this viewpoint it is fully certain that the certainty about a certain mother parentage is a fully provable truth with undeniable evidence of witness from any maternity home. Any nurse and any doctor would boldly certify the mother of a certain baby, to be a certain woman. In the other case it is all only a matter of assumed chastity, custom, guardianship responsibility, social courtesy and responsibility-fixing legal provision and world's procedure.

Further for societies, in which there are no customs of marriages, the fatherhood determination problem hangs in the air. Even in rarest cases where the guardianship of an unprotected baby comes into question, human nature and compassionate impartial judgement of public leaders and judges mostly decide the issue in favour of the child in the guardianship of the baby's mother. Fatherhood had its day. The world now needs a drastic overhauling change of the following of the fatherhood ideal has now been only flogging the dead horse. Let the new age have a new religion individual but universal, and let it have a new God, who is Father alone, but Mother- Father God.

(j) If the universe is to be made a happy family, there is no other conception as efficient as the Universal Mother.

(k) Mai-ism wants thinking people to realize that God is God, man is man, religion is religion and a mere society is a society,

There is no guarantee as safe and certain as God and religion, for being remunerated in respect of any service and sacrifice, in the interest of anyone of the whole humanity. Rain is rain and a gardener's water-sprinkling can is a can. This is being stated in respect of what man and even superman can do and what God Almighty can do. Man cannot give life to the smallest bug once killed, whereas God has been creating millions of even human lives, every second.

(l) Mai-ism clearly states that the teaching of service, and sacrifice, without any the smallest idea of a return, is only an ideal. Of course, the higher and higher anyone rises, his selflessness, desirelessness, relishlessness and non-attachment goes on increasing from nothingness to maximum; but that is an actual, hard, uphill task, and nothing is more ridiculous, than to make a pre- assumption of what is a to be achieved through religiosity, God's grace and Guru’s guidance. Mai-ism’s aim and object is to collect, preserve and create every divinity dust grain from every religion and any corner of the world, while fully maintaining any one's individual religion intact. Any subtle reader of Mai-ism literature will see that a certain principle has been clearly stated and accepted. It is that, texts of prayers, language thereof, details of ceremony and modes of worshipping, etc. have to be accepted and introduced in any Mai center or institute according as the Mai-ists of the particular centre unanimously decide, with full independence and discretion, be they of any religion. This has been most clearly stated in "Mother's Message" on page 13 under the practical measures of Mai-ists, It reads as under :

Some of the practical measures for true Mai-ists are : (9) Constructing, opening, or encouraging to open Mother's Lodges, Temples, Homes and Colonies under any denomination religious, national or communal, of any people, in any place.

(m) What Mai - ism wants may be better explained by a long illustration. Just have the picture of the father's many mansions and warehouses of innumerable mangoes of all varieties grown up in all parts of our vastest world. Mai - ism has seen that the world has been since long suffering from the worst cholera of devilishness, because people eat rotten corroded, spoiled and disease - spreading mangoes. Mai - ism has therefore undertaken the work of separating divinity-smelling, health-giving mangoes from the spoiled and infected mangoes. Mai - ism does not stop with sorting out mangoes alone. It applies the same test to all diseases - spreading fruits as well, say, guavas, plantains, apples, etc. Mai - ism holds forth one biggest imaginable basket. Best-ness and health - giving-ness is the test, and practically the only test for any fruit for being picked up and placed in constant and continued contactual association with equally best fruits. Practically, that is the only test of best fruits, for being entrusted to the Best Preserver of the whole universe (the Universal Most Merciful Mother Mai). The shape, the colour, the size, the nature and degree of relishfulness or sweetness, place or person, in respect of any fruit, are all simply secondary considerations. It is enough that the fruit is not corroded and not disease-creating and does not turn all other fruits to be dangerous, with the destruction work, say, as of gnaw-worms.

(n) If I like mangoes, I need not crush a plantain under my feet, nor be an idiot to assert that, because I am a mango - appreciator, all others over whom I may have my hold, should be all appreciators of mangoes alone. Nor should it be, that because I am a mango-appreciator, I should refuse to eat or even see an apple. A true Marist would rather look for the health-givingness and relishfulness in any fruit, that happens to be in his contact.

To put it in plainest words, Mai-ism is for godliness, universality, goodness, morality, mercy, justice, virtue and best men to men relationship, wherever and in whatever form it may be found. Mai-ism is for minimisation of all man-made degenerating differences. Mai-ism has yet further, to provide for the consolidation, preservation and future procreation of these attributes, for the welfare, peace, prosperity and happiness of the new age. This sort of work can never be done unless, through the agency of a religion, because, it is such a long process that it requires to be carried out with developments from time to time with the intact, continuity of not one life time, but of quarters or one-thirds of a century, or, at least, say, thirty years. This work has to be carried out from age to age, pedigree to pedigree, and generation to generation. The world's progressiveness is so very trivial, and the goal is so very distant, that quite a long continuity of sameness, with the force of an inheritance, is indispensable. And that can be had and preserved, under the unworldly selflessness of religion alone.

Religious development, as achieved in so many various aspects, spiritual, scriptural, religious, moral and social, has to be preserved and progressed with much greater zeal, service, sacrifice, patience and hard conscientious working, which is many times much more laborious, taxing and self-mortifying, than that of the past times and the sweet will-working of individuals, societies or institutes. It is religion alone, which can serve as the constantly working machinery, which has been moulding millions of men in a particular mentality, to be thinking and living in the same specified and chalked out way, at the very same time. It is also religion alone, that can generate the required force for millions of the new age to be inheriting and imitating the very same attributes or the ages before them.

In one word, Mai-ism aspires to create and bring into existence, a certain new pattern of humanity, which believes in certain particular attributes and ways of living and beliefs, etc.

These attributes can be summed up in the one simplest formula of the most powerful and greatest welfare-creating fewest fundamental highest truths. Mai-ism is based on such a simple formula of fewest words of greatest spiritual efficacy. Mai-ism means (1) universality (2) love (3) service (4) devotion () unconditional cheerful self-surrender and (6) the spiritual co-equal status of man and woman, with the full understanding of their mutual inevitable interdependence and interpenetration, and therefore, with the realisation of the indispensability of the spiritual, sanctified, selfless unification.

The emblem that has been selected by Mai-ism is that of the ancestral well-known Swastik. It is not the same as that of the Nazis. And there should be no confusion at all, in as much as the four arms have been specifically explained as love, service, devotion and surrender, The horizontal and vertical axes respectively represent (1) universality and spirituality, or the best man to man of human being to human being relationship, and (2) the sanctified unification and spiritual oneness of man and woman, or husband and wife, both respectively.

In the absence of innumerable experiences of ups and downs, catastrophes and open injustices tyrannies of the wicked world, many of the new materialistic world, (with wealth, woman, profit and pleasure as the highest aims of life and living), believe that to be most courteous and sympathetic with the world's past glory, let some honorific nominal value, of a sentimental nature, be retained for virtue, morality, best character and conduct, etc. However that much, the nominal reverence, is enough by itself; and the world may dispense with the nuisances of God and Religion. And even morality and virtue. Some further think. if at all God and religion are necessary, people themselves, individually. are intelligent, educated, sufficiently scripture-proficient and competent enough to create their own God and their own religion. These small-witted persons have no idea that they will be simply shifting the whole evil and misery from its present form to the worst evil of hundreds of Gods and hundreds of religions tried to be thrust into the world. Each one would be smashing another to establish one's own supremacy through his own God and religion, The only remedy therefore, is that the world should have a God and Religion which is most acceptable to the greatest number of religious thinking persons.

Goodness is weakness in the modern materialistic world. Goodness therefore, to survive, needs the protection of godliness, not simply of an individual Deity or any individual God, of any individual religion or nation, but that of the finalmost, absolute, all pervading omnipotent God, say, as Universal Mother Mai

In fact, as stated on page 16 in information about International Religious Federation (IRF) Japan, by Maiji as its Sub-Councillorin-Chief,..................

(8) The highest religious man, so long as he does not believe in the world as a one whole unit, is under a delusion about his  praying to Almighty God. He is worshipping not 'God', but the 'Reflection of God', in the light of his own conception.

He has been worshipping not a real God, but a partial reflectional and conceptional God, God whom he himself has created in his own mind according to his own imagination, or which his mind has created for him, for his consolation and satisfaction, (9) The truest God can never be conceived except as the Creator of the Whole Universe, and He can never be exclusively attached to one's own Religion or Nation, as against all other Religions or Nations. I cannot conceive at least, that my Mother Mai, will hand over a poison drug to one of the sons to kill another. How are other Gods of other religions, I am not authorized to speak about. That can best be said by authorities of those religions.

The differences between men and men are mostly of the nature of the opposite pairs of good and evil, godliness and godlessness, virtue and vice, mercy and cruelty, selflessness and selfishness, surrender to God and rebelliousness, reverence and obedience to spiritual teachers, parents, elders, masters, rulers, etc. or belittlement and insolence, harassment by children, disobedience by juniors and rebelliousness by the ruled, etc.

Mai-ism is for deciding once for all, to which basket, whether to the religious museum basket, or Municipal rubbish basket, a certain fruit naturally belongs, and Mai-ism is for consolidating all best fruits with minimization of all small differences, which are comparatively quite trivial. It is only man's own mind, that plays all mischief, in the matter of making a mountain of a molehill difference.

It is that very human mind, which can as well, easily develop the magnanimity, of making least of any existing differences. In one word, there is no superman, however great, who can serve as a sure guarantee, as God and religion, as stated before, and there is no machinery as powerful as religion, which can shape and govern millions at the same time, and mold humanity for ages after ages, to the same pattern of a certain set of universally acceptable, peaceful, happiness creating, harmonious living principles.

The definition about Mai's names, forms and aspects is so very wide, that anyone say, believing only in his own conscience, or only in nature, divine law, or evolution, etc., can find his own conception accepted and included in the broadest definition of Mai. Anyone can figuratively be a worshipper of Mai in any one form, one chooses. This will be clear on going through the definition of Mai in the commencement page, the second one itself, (page two) of Mai Sahasranama, or Mother's Thousand Names.

Just broaden, widen and universalize the interpretations and you will be extremely happy to have the complete, broadened, rational, universalized, whole outlook of Mai-ism. Let us take one instance. Just try to have the full picture of the two requirements of devotion and unconditional cheerful self surrender. Remain fully contented with your belief of no God. Mai-ism does not disturb you. However, apply these two principles to any persons, whom, so to say in a figurative sense, you have been worshipping. Let him or her be your hero or heroine, your ideal, your imitation object, your idol. The said two attitudes as recommended under Mai-ism on being fully practised, and fulfilled, will result in your conviction, that, at least, your own life, world and universe has been turned to happify you, as in Heaven.

Surely, it is most difficult for even deep thinkers, to believe that all the different varieties of emotions, actions, attitudes, conducts, characters, intensities, desires, etc. can be elevated, merely through two words of Love and Service. However, extremely deep thinking along with the most profound experience, will gradually lead you to conclude, that love is such a mysterious force, that, there is no exaggeration when it is stated that “God is love”. Yet further, it may be seen that virtues and vices, attitudes and conducts, good, bad or indifferent, and even temperaments, are all finally attributable to either neutrality or hatred or love, towards the person dealt with. It need not be stated again and again, that Mai is the mightiest form, aspect and ideal of the highest divine love.




Extract from the book :


Thursday, December 15, 2022

Mother's Names 976 to 1010


(976) Shobhanaa शोभना - Beautiful.ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 462

(977) Ashobhanaa  अशोभना - Ever and everywhere beautiful. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 972

(978) Anuttamaa अनुत्तमा - The best with one superior to Her or comparable to Her. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 541

(979) Nirupamaa निरूपमा  - Without a second worthy of being compared or spoken to as a simile even by the most meagre similitude. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 389

(980) Dhyaan-gamyaa ध्यानगम्या - Perceivable by meditation. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 641

Mother who is otherwise hidden is fully seen in Dhyaana or meditation.

By constant praises and thinking about Mother, there comes a stage when all other senses close their relations with other objects of their pleasures and emerge in this one object, viz., Mother. When all senses thus withdrawn from their respective other objects concentrate in Mother, it is meditation and in that condition, She is most visibly seen.

As during my experiences of others about the visualisations of deities and about the imagined religiosity which is most exaggeratedly believed to have been attained on the only basis of such visibility, I have seen so many misunderstandings, I wish to deal with this subject at length here.

There is a meeting of friends, every one of whom says he has an elephant. Everyone is almost proud and satisfied that he is the possessor of an elephant, but they are benighted and there is no conveyance to return home. In the meanwhile, one of them who was silent says," Oh, my elephant has come. Come on and I will give a lift to you and leave you one by one at your homes." The fact was that everyone had an elephant. None was wrong, but one had a paper elephant, another had a cardboard one, still, another had an ebonite one, and so on. Only one had a real living useful elephant.

There are many who having some visualisation of some sort get deluded that they have reached the proximity of salvation and that this is their last life. I have met so many. The most pitiable misunderstanding !!

One may have a wonderful visualization but Maai-ist must judge evolution by a reference to what he is. You see in your solitude a figure of any deities, but you are wrathful, greedy, anxious, full of desires, your faculties are not of the highest type, you are not attractive, you have so many enemies, your conclusions are not correct and your forecast of future does not turn out to be correct. You must, in that case, conclude that there is something wrong about your visions.

You cannot reach Mother or see Mother unless you are one of the highest souls with no desires, all readiness to sacrifice, constant remembrance of Mother, high purity, high transparency and great wisdom as to the best way of dealing with and addressing others, etc.

Your having actually seen some deity figure is not denied, but how far that happening means that you are nearer to God or salvation must be judged, more by the permanent conditions of your acquisitions, attainments and developments and righteousness in your living the daily life, than by the mere experience of some vision.

Visualisation arises from several sources : (1) It is simply a thought of mind that creates an impression of your having seen, just as several arrangements of clouds in the sky some figure is sometimes imagined and seen at a certain moment. (2) By still greater intensity and continued thinking and the seeing of a certain conception for a long time, a figure is sometimes seen, just as children see something in the dark without there being anything. Numbers 1 and 2 are only mind's makings. (3) Next, by the powerful intensity of thoughts, certain elements in the ether are being drawn together and you have the sight. This is an ethereal vision. (4) There are some invisible mischievous spirits who assume the form of the deity and derive frolic by seeing how the deluded man begins to dance, thinking that he is one of the highest souls who have got Saakshaatkaar साक्षात्कार   (direct vision) of God. (5) Next, some really good and religious, invisible angelic helper, taking pity on the person pining away for proof of existence or Darshana दर्शन (sight), consoles him and encourages him in his devotion by appearing as a deity. (6) Then comes the deputation of someone by the deity to console and encourage and assist, who appears as the deity. (7) Then comes one of the invisible disembodied principal devotees of the particular deity (8) Then comes one of the principal actual companions, and constant adherent of the deity and lastly (9) the deity Herself or Himself.

A vision is seen, but that is no proof of the proximity of salvation or deity's home. It may fall in any of the above nine varieties which I have enumerated. Which class the vision belongs to, should be judged, as stated above, by one's own personal self-analysis. 

Number (4) is generally very common; sometimes such spirits who are opposed to general religiosity play the mischief and stop the further religious progress by creating the feeling of enoughness.

There are limitations and realities, Judge them by where and what you are. Do not get deluded away. Distinguish between mental, ethereal, spiritual and godly visions.

One way of judging what class the vision belongs to, in addition to the general self-analysis is to see after effects and after conditions. If you are over-powered with a feeling of ecstasy, the feeling of being perfect, being much better than what you were, feeling that you have nothing more to wish or love for, there is a reason to believe the vision to be of a superior class. You feel you should have vision again and again. The other clue is to see how much of whatever is said or spoken by the vision figure comes out to be true. Judge the plane of purity which such speech proceeds. Decide the strength of sublimity and sanctity of the speech and emotion and knowledge during the vision. 

Have a very correct analysis of what you are, how you live and what you do. Your vision cannot be above what your plane is. If you are a true disciplined disciple, Gurus appear. If you are a devotee, devotees appear. If you are a world-worm with a little hypo-critic appearance of religiosity and doing something here and there, ordinary spirits appear. If you are entirely uncared for and do not know your way out from a calamity, sometimes your dead relation and friend spirits appear.

The fact is that the way is Infinite. Best that has been said till now by way of instructions by the best people and best founders of all religions are but the first-furlong formula. It is useful only for the first furlong of the long, long unknown infinite way. Let people be happy with their respective elephants according to their maximum conceptions. Do not discourage them or break their heavens. Let all be happy by Mother's Grace.

It is not that the Infinite way is made through by the struggling soul. He is himself unable to explain, record or even know how he reaches the goal. It is Mother and Mother's Grace that lifts him up and places him at or on the Goal.

All talk of the wisdom of " Do this and do not do that " except Mother's Grace is mere prattling. It is good in its own sphere, and many times much better than nothing or the reverse thing, but nothing beyond it.

A multi-millionaire thrusts himself suddenly into the house of his poorest friend and says," My Rolls Royce is waiting. I am going to Mahabaleshwar. Send one of your children  with me." He is extremely quick. He turns his eyes and says," Yes come on,Bhaktiprasad." Catches Maai-sharan, drags Premsvarup, beckons Sevak and puts them all in the car. The car is off in a moment before other children think or even father replies.

Dear reader !! I am very free with thee and much out of the way. The above explains what the Mother's Grace is. It is not the children that go to Mahabaleshwar. What each child's part in the achievement is its purity, amiability and cheerfully self-surrendering mentality. A neatly dressed, happy looking, contended, lovely, serving, obedient, individuality-submerged child.

Be Mother's child. It is not possible for you to wade through the Infinite unknown way. Mother will take you. You only remain prepared with best though little you have.

Reduce your own individuality. Love, service, devote and surrender. The best musician that visits you will take in his lap the worthless hand harmonium in preference to the most costly one if the latter though with supreme tunes has one tune of itself, which will go on sounding whether the player wants it or not.

Be prepared to be dealt with by Mother in any way She likes you; you will be the first to be in Her lap for being played with.

Resign yourself to Her. Try to the extent you can. 

Jay Maai ! Jay Maai ! Jay Maai ! Jay Maai ! Jay Maai ! Jay Maai !Jay Maai ! Jay Maai ! Jay Maai ! Jay Maai ! Jay Maai ! 

(981) Dhyaana-dhyaatru-dhyeya-rupaa  ध्यानध्यातृध्येयरूपा -She is the meditation, meditator and the object of meditation. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 254

(982) Yogadaa योगदा - Bestower of Yoga, the science of meditation. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 654

(983) Yogini योगिनी  - The enjoyer of union. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 653 

(984) Yogyaa योग्या - The enjoyed. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 655

Yoga योग is the union of the individual soul with the Supreme Soul which results by a process after having controlled all senses with the mind. Yoga results in being freed from the attachment from pain. Yoga is the restraint of mental modifications and mainly of four varieties - The Raja Yoga राजयोग, Hatha Yoga हठयोग, Mantra Yoga मन्त्रयोग and Laya Yoga लययोग.

The above is the popular interpretation of Yoga. Taking Yoga as a union, it is the union of the enjoyer, the bestower of the enjoyment and the object of enjoyment. In a word the Bestower of enjoyment is the Mother, the enjoyer is the devotee and the enjoyed is the universe in the first instance and later She Herself. There is a stage when both are enjoyers of each other. During the last stages, there is the unification of all these three as one. Next two remaining unified and finally one alone remains.

The highest form of Mother as Infinite Source of the essence of Sattwikness सात्विक alone is the bestower of enjoyment and may be called योगदा  Yogadaa. The next form with a greater portion of Rajas रजस is the enjoyer, the devotee. Here She may be called Yogini योगिनी. And the third containing predominating portion of immovability and material nature is that of the universe, In this, She may be called Yogyaa योग्या

(985) Yugandharaa युगंधरा - Bearer of the Yoke.    ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तो., नाम क्रमांक 657

We have referred to souls that take to approaching Her by knowledge. Yoga, devotion and Karma by which last, what is meant is remaining in the world with righteousness and practice of love and service, with Faith in Her and self-surrender to Her, with discharging of one's duties without the desire of fruit or the egotism of ownership or authorship.

One question crops up here, which is so often is used as an argument by the discouraging opponents. " Does God come to fill in your bags of corn? Is not God's subject good only for talking during leisure hours when nothing else is to be done? If you are after God, is not even maintenance impossible?

This word states that what has been often promised. "She bears the burden of those who try to follow Her path either as Jnanins ज्ञानी, Bhaktas भक्त, Yogis योगी  or Karma Nishthas कर्मनिष्ठ.

(986) Yogaanadaa योगानंदा - The bliss of union.

Whatever we experience as the bliss of union is She Herself. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 656

(987) Bhakta-maana-sahansikaa भक्तमानसहंसिका - She that beholds or regards Her devotees as playmates with Herself as a She-swan. There is a similar word, viz., Muni-maanasa-hansikaa.ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 372 

The subtle difference of the Bhakta भक्त and Muni मुनी or Yogi योगी ( as I make it ) may please be noted.The Muni of Yogi begins by withdrawing all senses from their usual objects of pleasure and silences them to help his mind to concentrate on Mother. Mother is perceived and Bliss is experienced. In the case of the devotee, he does not deprive the senses of their pleasures but so trains them as to be feeling pleasure in the objects of innocent pleasures connected with Mother alone. The Muni succeeds by controlling the senses and engaging the mind. The devotee succeeds by substituting and sublimating the tastes.

The Muni closes doors against the universe and enjoys the secret company of Mother. The devotee keeps the doors wide open but trains the senses to a higher happiness. Jnanin knows Her, the Yogi sees Her, the devotee touches Her and Karma Nishtha open an account with Her.

To the Muni, his mind is like the purest and most quite and crystallised water lake and in the midst of that lake, the Muni sees the Mother as the most cheerful She-Swan. In the case of the Muni, the purity and control are of the highest type. He is however on the bank and as a distant onlooker and enjoyer.

In the case of the devotee, it is all like the preparation of a country schoolboy. Nothing is achieved systematically and by a settled process or procedure. His strong points are love and sacrifice for Mother. Bhakta is with Her though as humblest, and fully knowing the two planes of himself and Mother. He, however, is co-player.

Maana means protection. Mother extends the protection and attention and relation as a Sa-hamsikaa सहंसिका as the compassionate She-Swan. In a word, Bhakta is a play-mate to Mother. The enjoyment is mutual and not one-sided. She feels for him. She teases him. She feels for him and harasses him. She bends him double. She sportively even prostrates to him. She deceives him. She makes an appearance as if She is deceived by him. She frightens him. She shows as if She is afraid of him and so on. In one word She sports with him.


 This is the last group in which a comprehensive view with delicacy and subtlety of emotions and thoughts has been taken without much constraint.

(988) Adrishyaa अदृश्या - Invisible. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 649

Mother is invisible and it is this invisibility which has been instrumental to her sportivity. It requires many lives before Mother becomes visible to the ordinary man, even in so far as the meaning of visibility may be taken as only admitting Her existence. Next, to some few of these to whom She is visible as existence, She becomes visible as the unfailing enforcer of Karmic Law and the Restorer of Righteousness. To a few of these, She becomes visible as Reliever of distresses through devotion. To a few of these when they desist from desiring any favours, She becomes visible in dreams. When devotees desire nothing in addition to loving Her passionately, She becomes visible in physical form, just as exceptional circumstances of life. When the devotee day and night remembers Her with repetition of names, She is visible to him as residing within himself. When everything else about the universe disappears She becomes visible to the devotee as "He himself ".

When the Founder was in Communion with Mother and became unconscious on the repetition of the Mantra Jay Maai, the couplet that brought him to consciousness was this: MAIYAA, MAIYAA, MAIYAA, KARAKE AAPHI MAIYAA HO GAYAA .- Repeating Mother, Mother, Mother, he himself become Mother. Such is the Divine Mother. Once you see Her in any sense of visibility, there is a lift of many lives.

(989) Anaghaa अनघा - Annihilator of sins. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 987

There is none equal to Mother in the matter of removing sins. Dear Reader ! if you can share with me without foolish notions of decency.  Agha also means in vernacular "motion". When a baby has spoiled itself, all avoid and run away. When Mother returns, if She has gone a while away Her first work is to cleans the child and suckle it. If the Mother does not return, the baby remained that soiled condition for hours together, in the midst of so many persons and well-wishers.

Mother can not bear the sight of the baby being soiled. Tell me who shall do what Mother does? Even the ordinary mother !!

(990) Adbhuta-charitraa अदभुतचरित्रा - Whose ways of redeeming and restoring Her child to Herself are extremely wonderful. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 988

At what moment, with what most usual words Mother effects a life change is unimaginable.

Once a man was on a river bank at the time of eve and the boatman was taking over passengers from one bank to other. When night made things invisible he spoke out in a loud cry "This is now the last turn, come in all that want. The night is fast falling down" - that day changed the whole life of a worldly man to that of the devotee.

An extremely greedy old man was ever watchful about the economy in the smallest details. even the ordinary home lamp he would ignite and extinguish himself. One day he continued to do his work without igniting the light when night set in and the darling daughter said to him," At least now will not ignite the lamp? " This turned him !!

(991) Ajnaana-dhvaanta-dipikaa अज्ञानध्वांतदीपिका - The lamp that dispels the darkness of ignorance. A boy asks his elder brother about so many things lying in a dark room and regarding there whereabouts, shape, colour etc. Each thing requires a long description. The describer describes it and described-to hears it tiringly. None is sure whether the things will be found. But just then Mother comes in and ignites the lamp in the room. The boy leaves his elder brother and runs to the room. All knowledge that is given by man to man consists of tall lengthy descriptions, never ending; never convincing, nowhere-to leading, but when Mother's Grace comes in, you need none, you are a teacher to yourself. ललिता  सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 993

I do not know how far I am able to carry the idea but Grace is not only like  a microscope, which enables you to see things  which you previously with your naked eye could not see in much larger size and with smallest details fully visible, but some indescribable thing acting in a such a wonderful manner as may be compared to the transfer of a dramatic scene. Every smallest thing of the existing scene is wiped out and an entirely new scene which is often just the reverse evolved, absorbing you. As for example, a stingy man who renounces his millions.

When shall I have such Grace, Oh, Mother !! When the Grace is showered, Life, Light and Love are there. You feel the conviction of one plus one is two, and experience an indescribable joy.

(992) Avyaaja-karunaa-murti अव्याजकरूणामुर्ति  - Compassionate immeasurably and impartially. Her mercifulness and man's ungratefulness have made me weep so often, made me break into tears before others. Just yesterday [ 9-5-1938 ] a devotee came to me weeping to inform me that his brother has been taken into custody for defalcation and the surety asked for being for a great amount, there was no possibility of his being released on bail. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 992

I was moved.I felt giddy as I could not find the way and then broke into tears. I told the man I have such a bitter experience of the ungratefulness of mankind that I am now ashamed to pray to Mother for pouring Mercy on suffering souls". So many have lacked even the most superficial courtesy of a single good word after the calamity ( as of restoring of the lost vision, acquitted and escape from a sure sentence imprisonment), is over ".

At one place a man was under a criminal trial. The judge had decided to himself that he should be heavily sentenced. All remedies to get the mercy of the judge had failed. On hearing about the Founder he went to his place and in spite of his telling him that he was mere dust, that he had not an iota of greater capacity than any other man of the street, would not leave his feet till a promise was given that Mother would show mercy on him. By some great some wonderful happenings he was acquitted. In spite of repeated and repeated and repeated requests, " Do not forget to thank my Mother when you are released, "Mother wants only a little recognition," there was not a word even through someone not a letter, not a single going to Mother, not a single desire of Darshan.

Only a month back, the Founder received a very earnest letter from who stated that he and his wife were members of Mother's Lodge. His wife had been seriously ill. Doctors had left all hopes. He requested the Founder to pray to Mother. It would be foolish to write what people think of the Founder. The Founder replied,"If you honestly believe what you write about the Founder's relation with Mother, just take a little water, and a few flowers, pray to Mother and promise Her that you would not forget Her obligation. Run than to the hospital. If you find the fever is gone, wire to me and do not forget to celebrate Mother's Mercy to you on ensuing Friday.

Not to neglect the next Friday, Founder had repeatedly and repeatedly requested him. The fever immediately disappeared, as soon as he received the letter and prayed. On being assured accordingly at the hospital, he wired to the Founder. But thanks-giving on next Friday was neglected. Ha had to make that indifference good by running down to Poona (Pune) and offer prayers personally to Mother. Again Mother was merciful. Not only on return to Bombay (Mumbai) did he find that all complications had disappeared but even the doctors' committee's opinion, viz., that a major operation was indispensable was changed. This letter promise he took from the Founder at 4 A.M. during the night. Husband and wife are now happy and they now regularly pray to Mother on every Friday. 

It is the most bitter experience of the Founder that people are so ungrateful that after the calamity is over they do not bestow even a moment's thought of thankfulness to Mother. The founder has often found that cruel beasts like tigers and lions are more grateful than man.

And yet !! The Founder's lot is to break his head against the wall when he is taunted by routine religionists and orthodox people," You have made Mother cheap like straw ".

But reader !! Are you an atheist or a devotee !! How has Mother consoled the Founder !! Would like to know? She had often told the Founder in dreams, " If Thou hast been Servant of my children for My Sake, am I not bound to be what Thou makest me? " I presume the world is as it is, and yet my work is to create a love for Mother.

Once a devotee on the river bank saw a scorpion being dragged into the river flood, struggling for life. The devotee out of pity went into the flood and took him up over his hand and began to make his way towards the bank.

The scorpion begins to give stings and with the pain, tears were flowing from the eyes of the devotee. Onlookers shouted out,"Throw of the scorpion," but he would not.

On inquiry as to the cause of his folly, he said,"Mother created a scorpion and a devotee. The scorpion has not failed to fulfil the purpose for which he was made. Should the scorpion be true to its creator and me false to my Mother !!"

Reader! excuse me, I write only one thing out of the hundred that I have experienced. If you are not prepared to excuse me for these outpouring, throw away Mother's book. What else can you expect from a devotional mind !!

The Finalmost Truth is that Mother will ever remain pouring Her Mercy and man will ever remain being ungrateful. If a man is to remain ever ungrateful, God to be ever pouring Mercy must be Mother, and because man is getting more and more absorbed in his own selfishness, greater is the necessity of God being Mother.

(993) Bahirmukha-sudurlabhaa बहिर्मुखसुदुर्लभा - Very difficult to attend for persons with vision directed outside and without.ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 871

If you wish your path of salvation be made so simple as the Mother's path is. Mother as Mother cannot be attained by routine external showy actions and with your mind running to the objects of their satisfaction.

All external things are simply supplementary to the Internal Love and Devotion with Self-surrender. If there is no Love or Devotion, the routine does not help you in any way except in the most elementary manner of sometimes making you think such a tiresome routine is for. A good thing is ever good. Routine is better than nothing, but a routine is often dethroned Real and that is what is responsible for degeneration. When the wife enslaves the husband, the servant threatens the master, individualism reduces universalism then degeneration sets in and vicious circle starts.

(994) Aantarmukaha-samaaraadhyaa अन्तर्मुखसमाराध्या  - She is to be worshipped internally letting not one hand know what the other does. Just note the instance of external and internal forms of repetition. Externally you can go on repeating some name mechanically, whereas your mind can be thinking something else, but in the case of internal repetition you must either stop thinking other thoughts or stop repetition. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 870

In the case of the internal form of worship, there is no self-deception and no world-deception and therefore it has the highest efficacy. You can not be blind what you are worshipping internally, you are alive to your responsibility, your conviction is there and you are prepared for what you do or do not do. 

(995) Rahastarpana-tarpitaa रहस्ततर्पणतर्पिता - Gratified by the secret and mental oblations. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्रनाम क्रमांक 382

The devotee should sacrifice himself to Mother in the fire of consciousness with all his knowledge or ignorance, righteousness or unrighteousness and sinlessness or sinfulness, heaven and hell and the ownership from the lump of clay to the whole dominion of the deities.

In a word, Mother is pleased when one hands over the whole charge of one's self as one is and when nothing remains as secret and kept concealed by the devotee from Mother.

This is the secret of Mother worship. There should be no idea of alienship or separateness.  Hand Yourself to Her wholly. 

Duryodhan दुर्योधन  approached his mother who was powerful and chaste Sati for blessing so that he might not be defeated or killed. Gaandhaari गांधारी told him that she would pray to God and the moment she opened her eyes from the state of divine communion, whatever portion of his body her eyes would fall on would be immortalised. Duryodhana दुर्योधन deluded as a result of the diplomatic advice of Krishna कृष्ण  wore a flower chaddi, fearing least it would be indecent if he were to appear in naked form his mother. When Gaandhaari गांधारी opened her eyes she wrathfully shouted out "You fool, you have been deceived". In the war he was killed, being hurt in the part that was concealed under the flower-wear.

You have to approach Mother as you are and hand yourself over. 

(996) Chaitanyaarghya-samaa-raadhyaa  चैतन्यार्घ्यसमाराध्या - She is to be worshipped by the Arghya अर्घ्य means water mixed with holy substance for dedication to Mother. This Arghya should be your own mentality, your own consciousness. It should be Arghya; your mentality should be liquefied and not hard as solid. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 918

The Arghya अर्घ्य  must be flavoured with eight holy substances. First non-injury, second sense-restraining, third pity, fourth compassion, fifth wisdom, sixth penance, seventh truth and eighth meditation.

(997) Chaitanya-kusuma-priyaa चैतन्यकुसुमप्रिया - She is fond of Chaitanya flower. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 919

This means that Mother is fond of hearts as soft, delicate, sweet and fragrant as flowers. Some narrate the above stated eight substances as flowers, but penance and sense-restraining and wisdom are unfortunately substances too hard to justify being called flowers. I, therefore, prefer a little departure.

The idea underlying this word is that having gone through penance and sense-restraining practices, etc. if the devotee turns cynic or hateful to others or looks upon the universe with an attitude of displeasure, disappointment or dissatisfaction, He is still immature.

According to Mother's Ideal, he who has a hatred towards ignorance, passion, wickedness, cruelty and other evils of the universe is still Katchaa  कच्चा (immature). Evil must not remain as evil to him. When everything is joy creative, when nothing but good remains, then it is that Mother is fully pleased.

She is pleased with the flower of the soul of Her devotee. Devotee must not be austere-looking or be getting boisterous at the evils of the universe, etc.

The higher meaning full of devotional ecstasy is that She is pleased by simply looking at the sweet flower-like (chaitnya - चैतन्य ) face of Her devotees. As a Mother, the very fact that Her devotee is happy is enough to make Her happy, without any other expectation of service or worship or return of any kind from the devotee.

When a man is in a foreign country the Mother passes anxious days for his return. When he returns, the very sight that he has come hale and hearty is more than enough to drown the Mother in an ecstasy of joy. She is pleased only with the fact that he has returned lively (alive), for which the son deserves no credit. Mother's heart says," Harass me remaining alive, but do not relieve me by dying." Chaitanya चैतन्य  means life, livingness.

(998) Lajjaa लज्जा - Self-respect sense.  ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 740

Then a stage comes when with all the remembrance, of the contrasts between himself and Her and his doings and Her doings etc., he gets ashamed of himself. He thinks he does not deserve devotee-ship. He gets ashamed of being called a devotee of Mother, at the idea of his unworthiness. His whole heart and soul as it were gets reduced to the smallest atom of the dust of the Mother's Lotus Feet. He wishes his whole mind, body and heart may get small and small ( of course condensed ) and may form the dust of Mother's Feet.

(999) Layakari लयकरी - Causing absorption. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 739

Next, the whole of his vast possession of the subtlest knowledge, the most valued experience, the most delicate emotions, the most enlightened wisdom and everything as it were is abandoned.

A big shopkeeper has in his shop thousands of things, he knows their uses, their values, their sources, their constituents and all details about each and everything in the shop. But as soon as he receives a heavenly mandate that the queen of the place has accepted him as her son, as the inheritor of Her vast dominion, at a sweep all that knowledge disappears.

This Laya stage is described as a peculiar state of mental absorption which is equal to ten meditations

(1000) Kameshvara-praana-naadi  कामेश्वरप्राणनाडी - ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 373

The vital current of the devotee during that absorbed condition. She is the protector of the devotee during the Laya condition just as even when the devotee falls unconscious on a main busy traffic road like Khar in Bombay (Mumbai). When the devotee sees face to face his unworthiness or inability to return the gratitude for whatever Mother has done for him, he asks Mother," Say, Mother, should I live or die. Dost Thou tolerate my living? " " This ungrateful living is unbearable to me. I wipe out my existence. ". He is then in such a condition that only Mother has been protecting him then. Mother raises and restores him. These are very dangerous moments and whether the devotee lives or dies is a question. So Mother is then the vital current.

The name suggests the meaning that the devotee in this condition is known only by the fact that the pulse is throbbing.

(1001) Naada-rupini नादरूपिणी -  In the form of sound. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 901

The pulse beats and the heart beats. Excepting these two functions every other moment is indiscernibly stopped. The heart is there simply, most piteously repeating. " Maai Maai Maai ".It is this sound in the form of which,  Mother is described here.

(1002) Poorna पूर्णा  - Perfectioner. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 292

 Zero and infinity are juxta-positional. The Laya, the absorption results in Mother showering Her Grace to perfect the devotee. She makes him perfect. When you prostrate full and it appears certain that you are unable to get up by yourself, then Mother raises you Herself. When the streak of even polluted water becomes so small as to be invisible and loses itself in the Ganges, that streak becomes the Ganges. So long as certain house refuse thrown on the road has some form it is refuse thrown on the road but when it becomes formless then it becomes the road itself.

(1003) Mahaa-taandava-saakshini  महाताण्डवसाक्षिणी - ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 232

On every faculty, every power , every sinew, every nerve, every drop of blood , every pore and every hair being made perfect, capable of doing the maximum work and being immortalised, what else can there be  but that the devotee dances in the highest ecstasy, being relieved from all pains, sorrows, miseries and the whirlpools of birth and death !! Mother witness the unique dance and Herself gets absorbed in the ecstasy experienced by the devotee.

(1004) Mahaa-kaamesha-nayan-kumuda-aalhaada-kaumudi  महाकमेशनयनकुमुदाल्हादकौमुदी - And She becomes moonlight which gladdens the Kumuda flower pair of the eyes of the devotee. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 403

(1005) Maadhvi-paanaa-lasaa माध्वीपानालसा -Languid as if drunk. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 575

The Lotus in Mother's hand is there because, in the highest stage of love between Mother and son, Mother does not get Herself pleased without worshipping the devotee with the lotus in Her hand.

(1006) Shiva-kaameshvaraankasthaa शिवकामेश्वरांकास्था - ललितासहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 21  

Mother says to the devotee," I have been the worshipped and Mother for innumerable lives to thee. Now let me be the worshipper and the daughter to serve thee after so many endless and indescribable miseries that you have suffered for me."

She as daughter is the sitter in the lap of Her devotee at this stage.

This idea I got at the worshipping place of my most revered old friend Kaushikarambhai V Mehta.

When I went to him, he offered me with great love the best dish of almonds, sugar-candy etc. I would not eat though he repeatedly asked me to eat. The fact was that I do not eat or drink anything without dedication to Mother and I was too shy. My throat was chocked. In a piteous voice, I sang two lines by way of an answer. " Mother, tell me whether you are  Mother and I am the son, or I am an old Father and you are my darling lovely daughter! " Generally, whenever parents get best dainties to eat, children's remembrance stops the morsel going down the throat. It was this experience which made joyful and dancing and I said to myself, I have found the meaning of Shiva-kaameshvaraankasthaa.

That Mother takes a fancy and delight to be the devotee's daughter is not an inappropriate idea. It is only fools who always prefer to be the worshipped and never the worshippers. 

There was a living instance in Bengal, the Blessed home of Mother Worship and the birth province of  Her Blessed son, Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.

A devotee extremely poor once desired to celebrate Durga Pooja festival and went to fetch his daughter for the purpose from her husband's house. The husband's family was extremely rich and the members of the family drove out the devotee stating that he was a fool to expect that his daughter who was the queen of the family, which would be celebrating the festival gloriously with grand dinners, would be rolling half-starving at her father's house.

The devotee returned and on the road journey wept under a tree at the first half of the journey. In the second half, he found his daughter shouting out to him to stop. The daughter stated weeping that after his departure there was an exchange of harsh words and she was turned out to her father. The daughter said," Father, do not worry. You have been old. My husband has given me immeasurable wealth. We shall live together and I will serve you for your life." The father was still more miserable. Not only he was spurned but his daughter was turned out. The daughter served him shampooing and with most delicate love actually fondling old father- Durga Poojaa was celebrated with devotion gloriousness and lavish spending, in a manner which surprised the whole province. On a ninth night, she sat in the devotee's lap in full ecstasy and asked him, "father, tell me honestly, don't you repent, having taken this idiosyncrasy of devotion to Mother." The devotee said," My darling, you are yet too young to have any idea of my love for Mother."  Next morning the daughter was missing. 

On inquiry, it was learnt that his real daughter had not left her husband's house.

Mother often desires the fanciful pleasure of being the devotee's daughter. She feels the joy of sitting in his lap.

Reader, I am free with thee as we are soon to part, after a few pages. Weep and weep out of love for Mother, if you are a devotee. If you are a heartless learned one, laugh at my folly of wasting my breath in the wilderness. Mother has been given Her right status by a few devotees. Most of the devotees have understood Her to be stern and awful. Some have exploited Her Grace and Mercy. Very few have loved Mother as Mother. But here the love has been of such an immeasurable intensity that unlike the most universal truth that the Mother fondles the child, the devotee fondles the old Mother, who has been neglected and discarded by the ungrateful universe.

In love when there is monotony due to the climax of loving in a particular relationship, there is still greater pleasure in inverting the relationship, just as when you have read a book for times without number, you like to read it from the last chapter to the first. It is this idea which gives clue to the inversion of the letters of a Mantra.

It is higher than the highest stage of natural love. The natural relationship is one of the schools of the devotees is for woman devotee to consider herself as beloved of Lord Krishna, and some male devotees too as in the Raadhaa-Vallabha school, consider themselves to be Gopis i.e., the beloved of Lord Krishna. In the above lines, there is higher than the highest, and it is when the devotee considers God as his beloved.

(1007) Saama-rasya-paraayanaa सामरस्यपरायणा - Fond of granting the co-equal status to the devotee. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 792

This word explains the above idea of inversion of the relationship. Saama Rasya means the ecstasy and sweetness that results on being one, on individuality being lost, on such inverting and blending as of milk and sugar. The relationship disappears. The devotee is Mother and Mother becomes the devotee. Son becomes Mother and Mother becomes the daughter, that ecstasy is Saama Rasya and Mother is extremely fond of it.

This points of ecstasy devotees experience. 

" Too Na Rahe, Too Ki Boo Na Rahe. " The stage when "Thou" does not remain, nor the remembrance or the smell of the past, "Thou", i.e. even the consciousness that there was a time when we were as " I and Thou", does not even lingeringly remain existent.

It is the Saama-rasya, the sameness of the Mother and son with equality and exchangeability in every respect, of which the faint shadows are to be seen in the Saam-rasya of husband and wife or that of lover and beloved.

It is because of this idea of Saama-rasya, that in the Mother's Path, the Guru is Mother and the disciple is the child and on some occasions as Guru- Poornimaa Guru becomes the worshiper, and the disciple the worshipped in the Maai- cult.

Guru must be prepared to become the disciple of his disciples. It is because of this idea of Saam-rasya that the husband should worship the wife on Full Moon days in the Maai-cult.

One fact, however, cannot too much be emphasised. The stage of Saama-rasya-paraayanaa is after the stage of Laya, the absorption. When the husband and wife have no separate interests or individualities, when one does not need the assent of the other, when both are one, then alone the stage of Saama-rasya-paraayana should be practised. If they are mere world-worms, each ready to pounce upon the other on weakness, such a mutual worship may result in troubles.

(1008) Lilaa-vjgraha-dhaarini लीलाविग्रहधारिणी - Wearer of forms for sportivity. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 865

Then the devotee is at rest and is the spectator and enjoyer. The whole universe, every emotion, every desire, every thought, every power, everything that bears a name and every thing that suggests itself as having existence, everything that is knowable, visible or experience-able is a form of Mother. 

The Jeeva has become Shiva. The bound soul has become the liberated soul. For him, nothing exists, not even he himself, except Mother. All is Mother, Mother is all.

(1009) Shree-shivaa श्रीशिवा  The eternally beneficent Mother. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 998

(1010) Aim Hrim Shreem Jay Maai. एं ह्रीं श्रीं जय माई

The all-love-conferring, the all-humility-and-righteousness-conferring, the all-peace-power-and-prosperity-conferring, finalmost-victory-conferring, Mother of the whole humanity. The Mother that has by Her own desire showered Her Grace and Mercy on a dust-worm to proclaim Her Glory to promise Her  easy approachability through Love, Service, Devotion and Self-surrender, to promote the spirit of sisterhood and brotherhood universally without any distinction of caste, creed or colour, and to promulgate the path of loving God as Mother by a child, however wicked and worthless as the Founder is.

Jay Maai, Jay Maai, Jay Maai, Jay Maai, Jay Maai, Jay Maai

Jay Maai, Jay Maai. Jay Maai, Jay Maai, Jay Maai, Jay Maai

Jay Maai, Jay Maai, Jay Maai, Jay Maai, Jay Maai. Jay Maai

Mother Bless All.

Love-Libation on Names-Completion

Marne De Muzko Maai, Tere Donoo Taarak Permen

Jyooti Banaa le Chaamki, Kyaam Choo-oo Fir-Fir men

Tookde Huve hay Kalejeke, Pyas Tabhi na poori Hui

Teri, Binaa Too, Ko Sune nahi, Zindagi Khaali Gayi

Mother !! Be pleased to grant that I shall relinquish and dedicate my life to Thee in Thy two Salvation conferring Lotus Feet. Be  Thou pleased to get and wear slippers of my skin. Be Thou pleased to bless that I shall remain in constant touch with Thy feet, again and again for perpetuity.

Mother !! My heart has been grounded to pieces and dust-atoms, but my throat-scorching thirst for singing Thy glory and drinking Thy name-nectar has not been quenched at all, yet.

Thy glory, in absence of Thee and except Thee none hears. Alas !!! my life has been nearing its end without having served Thee.



Maiji's  80TH Birthday, 

23rd December 1965


 M.R. Dholkia

[ The Founder of Universal Religion Mai-ism ]