Tuesday, February 16, 2021





In undisturbable solitude. With one's own world drowned in the

vast infinitude of this universe. With self submerged in Mother's

Immeasurable Love.

While prostrating to Mother in the Full Moon, with all the best

that the material world can give, from the palatial terrace.

While gazing at the starry dark nights from mountain-

plateaus. With surges of joyfulness on complete self-

surrender. With the conviction of one's nothingness from the


Miraculous Mother !!!. Thou hast made two things which

have made me most pitiably miserable, wicked and pain-

burnt. My heart which is rebellious and uncontrollable and

my mind which is ever perverted and always unsympathetic.

My eyes are blind and my wings are broken. I have been

undermined and ground-dusted.

Merciful Mother !! Pity me. Save me. Shower Thy Grace andMercy.

Thy Mercy none knows. None in all the worlds. Neither the

scriptures nor the deities nor the angels. Neither the Trinity nor

tee Shiva-Shakti Di-ad Not even the Narayani the Creator of the

universe. Why to speak of others? Thou Thyself hast not known

Thy Mercy's measure.

They in whose hearts there abides the love for Mother and

Mother's Universe; their barges are safe even though entangled in the whirlpools of hundreds of calamities.

They in whose hearts there is faith in Mother, their single hair is undisturbable for the worst tyrants even if they hold out blood-thirsty swords from all sides over the faithful's head and neck.

They that have learnt the art and live after having died in Mother, let them roam wherever they wish. Wherever they go, in a forest or a desert, places and persons, circumstances and environments: all things are miraculously metamorphosed before they reach and they find there, heavens and blissful gardens of Immortal Life and Immeasurable Love.

Eyes alone change. The world does not change. The very same sun and moon. The very same ill-omenous owl and the sweet consoling she-parrot, (Maina). The very same pleasures and pains. The very same happiness and sorrow. The very same givings and takings, the very same actions and reactions.

Eyes do not change unless the heart and mind change. The change-secret ever remains a mystery without Mother's Mercy. Wait patiently for that Mercy, as a renounced and a surrendered shelter-seeker in Mother's Lotus Feet, and live out thy life without being soiled with the slightest tinge of any colour in midst of all kinds of contacts and colours.

Mother is all smileful and smilefulness-conferring. The night of incessant weeping has passed away. Impurities have been wept out from eyes, and swept out from heart. Mother has kept Herself therein, in both.

Mother weeps with Her beloved child whenever the child weeps. Knowing this wonderful truth, Oh, Mother-loving child ! be thou determined, never to weep, but to ever smile and laugh to see that Mother may not have to weep and may smile and laugh with thee.

They that brought about the unification of mine with my Mother; and they that deceitfully, fraudulently and vehemently obstructed and resisted; Both be happy. Weeping has now become mine. Transfer you all !! Your weepings to me; I shall weep for you. They that consider me as their friend; Mother confer on them, eternal welfare. They that consider me as their enemy. My full blessings go to them. Digest all distinctions and differences. There is no good and no evil. When I identified the sandal-wood and the rubbing stone, then alone my Mother met me. Mother gives me such reliefs as I do not want. Not to relieve me of my real pain is Her pleasure. I bless my heart full of unbearable ulcers. Though ever discontented and even paining; Be my heart happy for it is therewith alone that I am loving my Mother.

Mother if Thou being a mother becomest heartless and merciless. !!!

Be Thou and all Thy freaks and fancies, also Happy.

When and where do we meet next ? 

Beloved Mother !!



 Thee-in-me and me-in-Thee

over fondled child