Tuesday, February 16, 2021





In undisturbable solitude. With one's own world drowned in the

vast infinitude of this universe. With self submerged in Mother's

Immeasurable Love.

While prostrating to Mother in the Full Moon, with all the best

that the material world can give, from the palatial terrace.

While gazing at the starry dark nights from mountain-

plateaus. With surges of joyfulness on complete self-

surrender. With the conviction of one's nothingness from the


Miraculous Mother !!!. Thou hast made two things which

have made me most pitiably miserable, wicked and pain-

burnt. My heart which is rebellious and uncontrollable and

my mind which is ever perverted and always unsympathetic.

My eyes are blind and my wings are broken. I have been

undermined and ground-dusted.

Merciful Mother !! Pity me. Save me. Shower Thy Grace andMercy.

Thy Mercy none knows. None in all the worlds. Neither the

scriptures nor the deities nor the angels. Neither the Trinity nor

tee Shiva-Shakti Di-ad Not even the Narayani the Creator of the

universe. Why to speak of others? Thou Thyself hast not known

Thy Mercy's measure.

They in whose hearts there abides the love for Mother and

Mother's Universe; their barges are safe even though entangled in the whirlpools of hundreds of calamities.

They in whose hearts there is faith in Mother, their single hair is undisturbable for the worst tyrants even if they hold out blood-thirsty swords from all sides over the faithful's head and neck.

They that have learnt the art and live after having died in Mother, let them roam wherever they wish. Wherever they go, in a forest or a desert, places and persons, circumstances and environments: all things are miraculously metamorphosed before they reach and they find there, heavens and blissful gardens of Immortal Life and Immeasurable Love.

Eyes alone change. The world does not change. The very same sun and moon. The very same ill-omenous owl and the sweet consoling she-parrot, (Maina). The very same pleasures and pains. The very same happiness and sorrow. The very same givings and takings, the very same actions and reactions.

Eyes do not change unless the heart and mind change. The change-secret ever remains a mystery without Mother's Mercy. Wait patiently for that Mercy, as a renounced and a surrendered shelter-seeker in Mother's Lotus Feet, and live out thy life without being soiled with the slightest tinge of any colour in midst of all kinds of contacts and colours.

Mother is all smileful and smilefulness-conferring. The night of incessant weeping has passed away. Impurities have been wept out from eyes, and swept out from heart. Mother has kept Herself therein, in both.

Mother weeps with Her beloved child whenever the child weeps. Knowing this wonderful truth, Oh, Mother-loving child ! be thou determined, never to weep, but to ever smile and laugh to see that Mother may not have to weep and may smile and laugh with thee.

They that brought about the unification of mine with my Mother; and they that deceitfully, fraudulently and vehemently obstructed and resisted; Both be happy. Weeping has now become mine. Transfer you all !! Your weepings to me; I shall weep for you. They that consider me as their friend; Mother confer on them, eternal welfare. They that consider me as their enemy. My full blessings go to them. Digest all distinctions and differences. There is no good and no evil. When I identified the sandal-wood and the rubbing stone, then alone my Mother met me. Mother gives me such reliefs as I do not want. Not to relieve me of my real pain is Her pleasure. I bless my heart full of unbearable ulcers. Though ever discontented and even paining; Be my heart happy for it is therewith alone that I am loving my Mother.

Mother if Thou being a mother becomest heartless and merciless. !!!

Be Thou and all Thy freaks and fancies, also Happy.

When and where do we meet next ? 

Beloved Mother !!



 Thee-in-me and me-in-Thee

over fondled child

Friday, January 22, 2021

Mother is remover of any difficulty


Her devotees are delivered from mental and physical fears in any difficulty, even in the battle and hence, Mother is called Durgaa, i.e., The Deliverer. 

[Durgaa दुर्गा - Remover of any difficulty whatsoever.ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 190]

Durgaa is the aspect of Mother, which in a way perfects all imperfections, who closely watches the working of different Shaktis and sees that every work is speedily and rightly progressing to success and the goal, and removes all difficulties whenever , while different works are going on, there is some obstruction somewhere.

Durgaa is the director who, while appearing as inactive, is responsible for leading the whole process of evolution of a devotee from beginning to end.

During meditation in the Mai worship, therefor, after the three energy Mothers of Desire. Knowledge and action are contemplated upon, the fourth meditation is that of Durgaa.

A nine year aged girl also is called Durgaa. There is a process in the Shaakta Maarga, which is called Kumaari Poojaa or worship of Shakti, through girls below twelve in public, or in the midst of family members, in which the devotee and his wife would worship the unmarried girls below the teens. This practice, though a routine ceremony, can be utilized for practicing, looking upon every woman as Shakti, and for wiping out all pride due to differences in status due to high or low birth, richness or poverty, literacy or illiteracy, handsomeness or deformity, etc. 

Though the statement may look strange it must be remembered, that Maai's path is immensely practical. You have to rub out all your angularities, against and over the most rugged ground with full faith and humility. There is no Royal Road but practice, under Grace and Guidance . Simple talk and mere thinking does not help.

Extract from the book : Mother and Mother's Thousand Names Edition: 1939

Mantra for repetition: JAI DURGA MAI JAI MARKAND MAI 

जय दुर्गा माई जय मार्कण्ड माई 

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Mother sets thing right in no time.


Where is again the pleasure and joy in lovability shown by others to us if it is under compulsion ??

I order every child of mine must prostrate to me on leaving the bed.

Is there any real pleasure in having such prostrations?

The joy proceeds when you leave them to act as they like and someone prostrates.

The pleasure of prostration is when there is no compulsion and no automatic mechanical prostration.

~ Mai-ism Note 346 Page 299

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Mother accepts and adopts standard which you yourself lay down



Once you have established relationship with Mother, it is your choice to set up the standard for give and take or postponement. Mother's speed to your call will depend on the intensity and impatience with which you offer your thanksgiving. Mother accepts and adopts standard which you yourself lay down.

It is serving one's own interest to see that the connection once given is not cut off. Every wise man must have before his mind , while dealing with religious matters and Divine aid , this fact viz., that such relations are quite delicate  and therefor extremely tender as a flower , fragile like glass and quickly falling from invaluableness to value-less-ness  as a pearl. Further

we remain in the dark as to when Mother's Grace is withdrawn.  


Translation in Guajarati language : 

એક વાર માઇ સાથે તમારો સંબંધ સ્થપાયો પછી આપકરવાનાં

અથવા મુલત્વી રાખવાના ધોરણની પસંદગી તમારે કરવાની છે.

તમે માઇને બોલાવો અને એ કેટલી ઝડપથી મદદે આવે છે

તેનો આધાર તમે કેટલી ઉત્કટતાથી અને કેટલા ઉત્સાહથી તમે આભાર પ્રદર્શિત કરો છો તેના પર અવલંબે છે.

તમે પોતે જ જે ધોરણો નક્કી કરો તેને માઇ સ્વીકારી લે છે અને અપનાવે છે.

એક વાર સંબંધ બંધાયો એ તૂટી ના જાય એ જોવાનું માણસના પોતાના હિતમાં જ ઉપયોગી છે.

ધાર્મિક બાબતો સાથે અને દૈવી સહાય સામે જયારે કામ પાર પાડવાનું હોય

ત્યારે દરેક શાણા માણસે પોતાના મનમાં આ વાત યાદ રાખવી જોઇએ કેમકે,

આવા સંબંધો ખૂબ નાજૂક હોય છે

અને તેથી તે પુષ્પો જેવા કોમળ, કાચની જેમ સહેજમાં તૂટી જાય એવા

અને મૂલ્યવાન સ્થિતિમાંથી ખૂબ જલ્દી મૂલ્ય રહિતની સ્થિતિમાં સરકી જાય એવા મોતી જેવા હોય છે.

વધુમાં માઇ પોતાની વિશિષ્ટ કૃપા ક્યારે પાછી ખેંચી લે છે તે બાબતે આપણે અંધારામાં જ રહેતા હોઇએ છીએ.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Let at least Thy devotees not suffer for no fault of theirs

The Founder of Maiism ( Mai Swarup Mai Markand i.e. Markand Ratanlal Dholkia  )  has an inward satisfaction when he knows Mother's Full Grace continuously showering on him. Mother gives dreams visions and messages to others and directly or indirectly informs others as if to say, Mai and Mai-Swarup are nearest, if not Mother and Son, or if not same and one, as some (Devotees or Adwaitins) may believe.

 But, then comes an extremely sorrowful wave of a lament-ful and yet turbulent mood. He goes to Mother and talks to Her "What have I to do with my recognition!!! Is that my goal or happiness?? No. I want the world to come forth with whatever sacrifice each one can make, to work with me, to spread Thy Glory and to revise the world's understanding of true religiosity, or, in other words, to spread Thy simple and straight Religion, make people of a better moral caliber, infuse true religiosity, make man-to-man relationship of a much superior order. There, I find a great cipher. Don't cheat me with hollow words of people's praises and prostrations. I want substantial results in life, Morality, Religiosity, peacefulness, security, stability, smoothness and all that is most sublimely beautiful and blissful in the living of mankind in general. 

Raise the minimum, something showered freely and mercifully on all persons even though they have no qualification of theirs except that they have life, except that they breathe in and out, like a blacksmith's bellows.

 I don't mean dabbling with the Divine Law of give and take, and of more progress, bliss and happiness to more deserving. 

Let that remain unconstrained and unaltered. Though effortless and unearned, yet everyone lives most mechanically a better life than the present one. Raise the minimum smoothness and peacefulness of average life of mankind. 

Let the happiness and misery, at the two extremities be much more heightened if that is necessary and inevitable, for exceptional few. 

Let there be wars, epidemics devastation diseases destruction etc., if people lose their divine sense and brains and throw all solicitations of thy devotees to winds with indifference and ridicule, and if suffering is the only way of bringing men to their senses, but let the neutral man live a much better life, with Thy Grace of raising the minimum. 

Let at least Thy devotees not suffer, for no fault of theirs, a for the only reason that they happen to be in the midst of the world's self-invited destruction and misery all around them.

 "If segregation or isolation is the only salvation remedy, if things can be made more smooth by a re-classification, do that. Do anything but let the world be much happier than now."

~ Maiism Note 69 Page 55-56 





Sunday, December 9, 2018

About the religious Ideal and Maiism

The Founder has expressed his views about what a true religion should be :

The task for a religious reformer is hard in a hundred ways. He has to make the world realize that it can not be happy without religion. He has to strengthen the belief both ways. Not only showing how religion has come  to the aid of mankind, but how the highest civilizations not based on religion have been swept away, under the degenerating and decaying influence of time. For the modern age , a mere statement of his about truth is enough. He has to introduce the Universal outlook in every individual religion. He has to consolidate the wisdom of the past, extracting its essence to the irreducible minimum size. He has to establish proper values for essentials and non essentials of every religion. He has to minimize abuse and exploitation. He has to strengthen  the cultural moral background. He has to lay down the best life routine. He has to interweave considerations of the world below and the world above. He has to open the World's eye to the same One life , animating one and all.

The religious ideal which can suit the modern world is one that can take the whole humanity in its embrace, which can respect and give a free play to Conscience, Reason, Experience and Science, which would allow every man to live well and teach letting others live well, which will ensure a perfect freedom for every soul to work out its own salvation in its own way, which will teach maintaining sense of proportion and proper evaluation of essentials and non-essentials of a religion, which would develop the faculty of judging all actions and actors, not by their positional values, but by the tests of the fundamental they satisfy, which would guide without intimidation and mental enslavement, which would make one free from the poison of the over-consciousness of superiority and inferiority of man to man, and lastly, which would develop the spirit of practical sisterhood and brotherhood in the daily routine of life.

A popular religion to suit the modern world should have the following characteristics :
(1 ) Religion must have a definite form and should not be an idealistic, incomprehensible, chaos-creating, airy and hazy something. Religion must provide for pruning from age to age. 
(2) Religion should not be a source of superstition.

 (3) Relation of man to man must be hundred times much better. Be we first a man, then a brother and there after alone, a religious man.

(4) Religion should be recognized to mean the essence and the experience of life lived.

(5) Every one should be, and should be considered under the direct protection and guidance of God.
(6) Preachers are to be Witness and not lawyers or professors.
(7)  As few limitations as possible, should be set on the conception of God and on the innocent harmless and free latitude  and living of men.
(8) All adornments and adjuncts should be gradually slackened and even removed, as soon as,  at the stage when they are found to be obstructive , is reached.
(9) Religion should be accommodative, constructive and progressive. Religion must provide for pruning from age to age.
 Mai-ism is the psychological religion for one and all of any religion or no religion without caste, creed or color. With full reverence to and while following one's own religion, one can be a Mai-ist. Mai-ism is one's own personal religion to be adopted after the age of discretion and not merely one's ancestral religion of one's birth.

Mai ( Mother ) is not Maya or the illusion creator, nor Shakti or Power requiring a separate Controller, not Father's Wife, nor the Fifth Hindu Deity, not Mother Kali, not Mother Mary, not God's handmaid, not Demon's slayer, not Mother that is pleased with animal or human sacrifices, not Mother of thieves and dacoits, not Mother of rebels revolutionaries, not Mother of Black-Magicians, Ughra-Sadhaks , Ghat-Kanchuki Dev-dasis or Vamachars.

Mother is essentially the Ocean of Infinite Love and Mercy, Mother is human mother vested with Omnipresence, Omniscience and Omnipotence and raised to infinity and Godhood . Mai is to the Mai-ists what a human mother is to her child.
(A) Mai-ism is the psychological religion for one and all of any religion or no religion without caste, creed or color. With full reverence to and while following one's own religion, one can be a Mai-ist. Mai-ism is one's own personal religion to be adopted after the age of discretion and not merely one's ancestral religion of one's birth.
( B ) Under Mai-ism, there is no place, by its very postulates, for the condemnation of Harijans as ' Untouchables, Woman's subjugation by Man or condemnation by routine religion as " Narakasya Dwaram "( Hell's Gate ) has no room, as every Mai-ist is expected to look upon every woman ( except his own wife )  as representative form of Mother and as under Mai-ism the co-operation of man and woman in the Mother worship is the highest spiritualizing force. The spirit underlying the words " Heathen ", " Kafir ", " Mlechcha " " Durvan ", etc., has no existence under Mai-ism.
(C) One who does not believe in God, but who does believe in the common tie of humanity and practises service and extends Love to all, is a " Mai-ist ", because he is the follower of Mai in one of Her aspects as One Universal Soul, One Universal Consciousness or One Universal Cosmos, like unto the continuous string through rosary beads subjecting every one of the Universe to the slightest influence anywhere in the whole.
If the Universe is to be made hatredless happy home and if love, mercy and other qualities of heart, ( the bankruptcy of which has been so keenly felt in the present world ) are to reappear, Motherhood conception of God is the most favorable aspect and conception.
A universal evil need a universal remedy, and the Grace of Universally acknowledged  common Parent of one and all. The Merciful-Mother-Parent. The Universal Mother.
A universal prayer offered to a universally-conceived, universally-acknowledged universal Almighty, has its own undreamt-of miraculous efficiency, which followers of individual delimited vision can never imagine.

A universal call alone can have a universal response.
The six tenets of Mai-ism are :-
1) God is more merciful when approached as Mother;
2) Mother is mother of all, without caste, creed or color;
3) Mother smiles, on one's trying to love All, to one's best;
4) Mother saves, on one's trying to serve All, with one's best;
5) Mother shows (Her Grace) on one's devotion to Her
6) Mother serves, on one's living the life of universal Love and Service, with Devotion to Her and Unconditional, Cheerful, Self-Surrender to Mother's Divine Will.
Mai-ist's devotional ideal :
' Practice feeling that you are a child - a child whom Mother could not but accept, however wicked. You automatically get confidence, you regain your innocence, purity and sincerity and you raise yourself above world-wormness, sexuality and selfishness. You are off your cares, time is eternity for you and life is lightened. Be Mother's child and Her lap shall be thrilling and throbbing to have you on itself.'


(1) Unity of all religions.
(2) Universal relation of all human beings as members of one family.
(3) No communalism. No provincialism. No nationalism and no racialism.
(4) For Mother's Love, Grace, Devotion and Mercy, the daily practice of universal sisterhood  and brotherhood, an indispensable requirement.
(5) Every one to have the right of selecting one's own line of evolution.
(6) Precise evolution of essentials and non-essentials of one's religiosity, with test-stones of fundamental and eternal truths.
(7) Religion not to be permitted being made a cause for disunion, domination, prejudice, exploitation or superstition, and not to fail respecting science, reason, conscience, experience, human psychology and individual merits and demerits.
(8) One's own superiority to be least thought of, being trivial, transitory, circumstantial and not single-handedly earned.
(9) Not making most of little differences of high and low, which are often prejudicial and sometimes even imaginary.
(10) One's cheerfulness never to be lost as nothing is irreparable or unachievable under Mother's Grace.
(11) Be ever optimistic. The highest difference between man and a man is nothing compared to what Mother's Grace can make him in a moment.A sinner can be saint at the second moment and a saint may turn to be a devil after a day.
(12) Destruction is for re-construction, doubting for believing, evil for good,  sinfulness for sinlessness.
(13) Rise above all superstitions.There is no 'choo-mantar'(magic) for a true Mai-ist except repetition of  ' Jai Mai ' , Guru's Grace, Mother's Mercy, one's own highest exertion and world's sympathy.
(14) Mai-ist's highest initial grounding - Motherhood of God, Universality.
(15) Mai-ist's highest life-maxims - Love, Service, Devotion, unconditional and cheerful self- surrender to Mother's Divine Will.
(16) Mai-ist's highest sin - Loveless-ness and Harmfulness to another, by thought, word or deed.
(17) Mai-ist highest merit - Serving another onwards towards the spiritual goal or through temporal difficulties, in every moral, legal, legitimate and harmless manner.

Some of the practical measures for practical Mai-ists are : - 

(1) Holding common prayers, Bhajans or Kirtans of God in any name or form and of any saints or devotees, holding classes, delivering lectures and undertaking tours for the general spiritual uplift.
(2) Introducing common prayers in Schools,Colleges and in masses.
(3) Holding Mother worship, personal or impersonal in any form, as may be agreed upon by one and all.
(4) Convening social of sisters or brothers or combined or of families, without caste, creed or color.
(5) Promulgation of common religious and allied literature and encouragement of studies of all religions by individuals of different religions. Publication of extracts from sacred books of all religions.
(6) Helping poor or bereaved families, deserving students, orphanages, opening celibate Mai-ist Schools , starting widow-homes, offering medical aid to he needy, guiding wedded pairs to-wards spiritual matrimonial living, praying for the peace of the departing or departed souls etc.
(7) Promotion of immensely practical universal  sisterhood and brotherhood in daily life.
(8) Abolition of racial , national, provincial, social and religious prejudices and intercession for bringing about  honorable peace and equitable compromise.
(9)  Constructing, opening or encouraging to open Mother's Lodges, temples, Homes and Colonies under any denomination religious, national or communal, of any people, in any place.
The process of evolution of Mother's followers on attainment of Guru's Grace and Mother's Mercy is as under : - 
(1) Acquisition of merit ( Punya ) by doing religious acts , japa, worship, charity, services etc. which will lead in the first instance to the fulfillment of legitimate and moral desires, next to patience and proofness, and then to the appreciation of the virtuous, religious and saintly people and their ways of living.
(2)  The actions and qualities of Love, Service, Devotion and Self surrender having fairly matured by practice, Mother will so bring about circumstances and opportunities that the follower will be lifted up from his routine and worldly life and will be ushered into the company of virtuous, religious, devotional and saintly people.
(3) Constant contact of religious people, and their Service, their Imitation and their Grace will create a good understanding of good and evil, truth and untruth, righteousness and unrighteousness etc. , and these will introduce one to godliness after sufficient practice and disciplinary training in goodness, virtue etc.
(4) This introduction to godliness will ultimately result in the great liking for godliness, virtuous, devotional, unselfish and higher living and finally in the germination of Love towards God.
(5) Devotion to and Love of God will perfect the true understanding about soul-knowledge and will bring the Supreme Self of God and the individual self of the follower much nearer, through faith and conviction strengthened by Mother, often through miraculous Grace.
(6) Love of God will result in the Love of God's creation.
(7) Feeling the finger and hand of  God in all arrangements, getting the sight of God occasionally, feeling oneness with God on self-surrender and inward satisfaction of  ' having been accepted '.
(8) Establishing a perpetual relation with God  and helping God in all grand work with Power and Love which God is pleased to confer.
(9) Merging in Mother.
The Founder's greatest sorrowful observation is, there is no systematisation, although the richest substance  of true religiosity is here in India. Right understanding in its absolute essence, sense and practice is hopelessly missing. Discretion and discrimination about the indispensable elements or significant and insignificant factors is conspicuous by its absence.

~ Extract from the Book : MAI-ISM 


Publisher : Mai Niwas, Saraswati Road End, Santa Cruz West Mumbai 400054 India.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

One among the various grace instances of Divine Mother Mai

Jay Mai Jay Markand Mai

I have had the Grace experience of Universal Divine Mother Mai of Maiism on very many occasions. One such small experience is narrated here.

On 15 February 1997 my mother and I had come from Pune to Mumbai as we desired to have the darshan of Mai and Maiji at Mai Niwas, Santa Cruz West Mumbai . We met the then Maiji 5 (Mai Markand J.K.Bhatt). We offered prayers at Mai Niwas for some time. After having Mai prasad lunch in the afternoon around 1.30 p.m. my mother and I sat in the Mai Hall right in front of Universal Mother Mai's Idol. At that time we saw that a picture of Mother Mai was hung on one side of the Mai Hall leading to the inside room. That picture was of Adi Laksmi. This was the picture which was installed by Most Beloved Founder Maiji on 2 September 1932 - MAI INSTALLATION DAY.
In His book "Mai-ism" consisting of 734 pages on page No, 58 Founder Maiji described about one incident that took place at Nasik  and has mentioned therein that ' This is my Mother's photo " (Universal Divine Mother Mai). Similarly in MAI SAHASRANAMA  Book Maiji has stated that this photo is always kept near Him and being worshipped. From the year 1949 onwards Founder Maiji spent rest of His life at Mai Niwas, Mumbai.

In the year 1998 it was observed that Mother's photo was given some additional paint and colour and the Kumkum applied so much so that beautiful appearance of Mother in that photo has lost its charm and looks very different. Prior to May 1997 that photo had original beauty and its paper quality had started becoming dull and it was kept in the big photo frame. I have seen it myself  in the years 1995 to 1997 . Alas, after 1997 , this photo looked changed beyond imagination. The experience I am going to narrate below is pertaining to the Universal Mother Mai's and specially connected to this particular photo, hence the above details are given and now I want to narrate my experience.

At Mai Niwas my mother and I were sitting in front of the photo of the Most Merciful Divine Mother. At that time my mother very slowly whispered in my ear and asked whether she will be allowed to hold that photo of Universal Divine Mother Mai and she desires to tightly hug it to her heart.

On hearing this I told my mother, "Shri Bhat Saheb (the then Maiji 5) is in kitchen and having his lunch; after he finishes his lunch I shall ask him, but I feel it is not proper to ask." After hearing this my mother did not speak any thing but I could understand from her face expression that she has not overcome such a desire. For some time my mind was fully occupied as to how could I have this photo in our hands. Thereafter since I did not get any way out for it, I dropped that idea. Then 10 to 15 minutes went off peacefully.

Dear readers ! Within few minutes my mother's desire was fulfilled by Most Merciful Mother Mai which is explained below :

Very soon one girl aged between 15 to 16 and doing domestic work in Mai Niwas came from outside and stood very near us. Before we could ask her any thing , she said," You want to see Mother Mai's Photo. Well, that photo I will remove from the wall there for you ". Saying this and without expecting our reply the girl immediately ran and went inside the room and came with a small stool, she climbed on it  and removed the photo from the nail  affixed on the wall and gave it in my mother's hands.

Since this incident happened with in one or two minutes and that too suddenly I was fully perplexed and became dumbfounded!!

My mother was very happy and she took that photo of Universal Divine Mother Mai very close to her heart and started prostrating again and again. I also held that photo very tightly and close to my heart in her ( that girl's) presence. We had the darshan of that photo to our hearts content and delight. That girl was standing there & was happily watching our actions with a great surprise !!! After sometime the girl kept back the photo, hung it in the original place by climbing on a stool and thereafter she went inside for her work.

We spent some more time sitting and after taking the permission of Shri Maiji 5  we left Mai Niwas in the afternoon and with great joy we returned to Pune by train.

Never will I  forget this wonderful incident which we had experienced in Mai Niwas of Most Merciful Mother  Mai.


Friday, April 4, 2014


SMRITI DHYAANA स्मृति ध्यान 
(1) Lasat Kachaa लसत्कचा - With Thy hair adorned with champaka flowers
(2) Kanat-Kotir कनत् कोटीर - With Thy crown of Kuruvinda Mani gems resplendent
(3) Ashtami Chandra अष्टमीचन्द्र - With Thy forehead like crescent shaped moon
(4) Mriga Naabhi मृगनाभि - With the musk tiny mark, like moon-spot
(5) Toran Chillikaa  तोरणचिल्लिका - With Thy eyebrows like green auspicious buntings as entrance arches of the palace of Kaam Raaja 
(6) Meenaabha Lochanaa मीनाभलोचना - With Thy eyes like playful and speedy fishes playing in the beautious 
lake of the face
(7) Naasaa नासा - With Thy beautifully attractive nose like the fresh new blown champak flower 
(8) Taaraa Kaanti ताराकान्ति - With Thy nose jewel excelling the splendid Mars star 
(9) Karna Poora  कर्णपूर - With Thy ears decked at top with Kadamba clusters 
(10) Taatanka ताटंक - With Thy ear-rings representing Sun and Moon
(11) Kapol कपोल - With Thy cheeks that eclipse the Padma Raga brightness  
(12) Bimbshree बिम्बश्री - With Thy lips, which put the colour of fresh Corals and Bimba fruit to shame
(13) Dwijpankti द्विजपंक्ति -With Thy two teeth rows like buds
(14) Karpoora Vitikaa कर्पूरवीटीका - With Thy betel leaves in Thy mouth, the fragrance whereof maddens the deities of all directions 
(15) Manda Smitaa मन्दस्मिता - With Thy soft sweet  smile, which in its fulness of Glory enchants Thy devotees
(16) Kachchhapi कच्छपी -  With Thy sweetish word. More musical and sweet than any musical Instrument
(17) Chibuka चिबुक - With Thy Chin which Thy devotees catch to turn Thy face forcefully towards themselves
(18) Greevaa ग्रीवा - With Thy neck, which thy devotees bend on their hanging and swinging themselves, in group, most endearingly 
(19) Mangala Sutra मंगलसूत्र - With Thy sacred new thread, never to forsake Thy Devotees 
(20) Kanak Bhujaa कनकभुजा - With Thy soft and strong lovely arms, adorned with various ornaments 
(21) Lola Muktaavali लोलमुक्तावलि - With Thy necklaces of gems and gold having a dangling pearl
(22) Kuchadwayi कुचद्वयी - With Thy nectar reservoir breasts to suckle thy children
(23) Madhyamaa मध्यमा - With Thy waist which carries Thy children after the suckling stage
(24) Kati Vastra कटीवस्त्र - With Thy rosy tinted garment adoring Thy waist
(25) Kati-Patta-Bandha कटीपट्टबन्ध - With Thy belt of dazzling gems set in gold
(26) Kinkinikaa किंकिणिका - With sweetest music flowing from the jewelled bells connected with the belt
(27) Uru उरू - With Thy beautiful smooth and soft thighs, which form the lap for Thy further advanced children devotees
(28) Jaanu जानु - With Thy jewelled disc like knees which appear as frontal globes of the Divine Elephant
(29) Janghikaa जंघिका - With Thy calves like the sapphire studded quivers of the God of Love
(30) Gudha Gulphaa गूढगुल्फा -With Thy ankles strong and round 
(31) Noopoora नूपुर - With Thy anklets the tinkling music whereof and the dazzling light of the gems set wherein madden the ears and eyes of Thy devotees
(32) Koormaprishtaa कूर्मपृष्ठा - With Thy Lotus Feet, the convex side whereof is arched like the back of  a tortoise 
(33) Nakhadidhiti नखदीधिति - With Thy nails, brightest rays radiating wherefrom rush into the hearts of Thy devotees, and dispel their Darkness and ignorance 
(34) Paadaambujaa पादाम्बुजा - Finally, with Thy Lotus Feet the Final Refugee of Thy Devotees for the highest attainment of Light, Life and Love.
(35) Avyaaja Karunaa Murti अव्याजकरूणामूर्ति: - With Thy Innumerable and Impartial Mercifulness and Compassion 
(36) Bhukti-Mukti-Pradaayini भुक्तिमुक्तिप्रदायिनी - With Thy ever-readiness to devote the highest Enjoyment and Emancipation to Thy devotees



Spurn me not MOTHER DEAR, 
From THY blessed LOTUS FEET.
Where else can I find a sympathetic ear ?
Where else safe retreat ?

Whom show the bleeding wounds,
Of my lacerated heart ?
How forget my bitter woes ? 
To whom open my pent-up mind ?

What to eat and where to sleep ?
Or where in silence weep ? 
Where find a seat, much less rest ?
Why live at all with a fallen crest ?

No, I will not leave Thee Mother Dear,
Who dares touch me or come so near,
Knowing me well as THINE own son ?
Futile will be Thy artful command,
Do THY worst but here let me die,
At THY FEET, saying " Mother " JAY MAI.

Defeat I own, my naughty son,
Wayward thou art, but thou hast won,
My lap throbs for thee, ever dear !
Come up, come up, have no fear.

Merciful MOTHER, I knew not THY lap's bliss,
As into this wide world I went forth,
There gained ample worldly wisdom,
Lost sweet innocence, Thy kingdom;
And my place on thy lap as a wicked son,
Oh ! accept me as I am, Blessed one.

EXTRACTS FROM THE BOOK : माई सहस्रनाम पठणम् 
First Edition : 1953
Publisher :- Universal Mai-ism Trust, Mai Niwas, Saraswati Road End, Santa-Cruz ( West ) MUMBAI 400054 INDIA

Friday, March 28, 2014


The most important incident wherefrom the history of God as The Universal Divine Mother Mai movement  starts, took place in the later months of 1931 (September & October ) in Poona.
Taraben Soparkar
The wife of Founder's college friend and boss ( Late Revered Sister Taraben Soparkar ) was on death-bed suffering from Septicemia. The friend got the Founder transferred from Ahmadabad to Poona to help him in the calamity. The wife was lying upstairs. She said to her husband ," I am hearing the Mantra repetitions of some Matajee's devotee. I am on death-bed, so please find him out round about our bungalow  streets and let me have his Darshan ".  The friend took the Founder and went round in search and assured her that there was none: " Not only I, but even ' Dholkia Kaka ' accompanied me for the search ". She exclaimed , " What, has he come? It must be then he. Please call him up ". She repeated the same shloka of Saptashati fourth Adhyaya ( दुर्गे स्मृता हरसि भितिमशेषजन्तोः स्वस्थैः स्मृता मतिमतीव शुभां ददासि ।दारिद्र्यदुःखभयहारिणी का त्वदन्या सर्वोपकारकरणाय सदाआर्द्रचित्ता ।। ) which the Founder was then repeating mentally unheard by anyone. This shloka was repeated by her to assure the Founder that he was recognised devotee and that she was worthy recipient of his Darshan and blessings.
Pandharpur saint's prediction
A drawing professor was coaching the friend's daughter.He inquired of the future of the lady from a Pandharpur saint ( The saint was Shri Dasganu Maharaj ). The saint foretold, that her days were finished but added, " There is however a saint in his house, out of courtesy to whom she is not being taken away. The day he leaves the bungalow, she would expire ". The friend enlightened by the first experience  suspected that the saint in his bungalow was none other than the Founder and, he was the head of the department, kept him all hours confined to his bungalow by way of precaution, asking him to do the official work at that place.
On 3-10-1931, the case was entirely serious. Three eminent doctors declared she would die within an hour or so. The worst news was broken by the husband to his friend who was trying to strengthen his courage to meet the calamity. The husband vociferated, " What a coward's talk? I am sure, if you heartily pray, she will atleast leave longer and give me sufficient time to prepare for the worst ". The Founder had very little of confidence  in the efficacy of his prayers for the almost impossible change., but he had to follow him upstairs . He prayed with his whole heart and devotion standing near the pillow of the lady in the midst of nearly twenty weeping relatives. The pulse, speech and vision had left the body. On prayer, the Founder's tears fell in her mouth, the pulse speedily went up, vision and speech returned and the eyes opened. Her words were, " How can I like to leave this world leaving behind me the un-cared- for children.? I see Mataji standing before me. She says if you fast for a day she will give me a week's extension. Will you not promise doing that for me? ". The promise was given hand in hand  and the improvement began with most unimaginable speed.. Just half and hour after, she asked for milk, fruit-juice etc. It was an unprecedented family joy.
Some believed, and some did not, in God's hand in all these. But almost everyone including the husband thought she was saved permanently. On the 7th day, the temperature however rose up from the morning. The husband was too shrewd to remain any longer delusion. The whole story looked true. She was to go that day. He had a hysteric fit from which  he was made to recover to composure after consolation by his friend. At 3 p.m., there was a phone from the Secretariat asking husband to send certain confidential office files under lock and key. He could not possibly leave her. The Founder was given keys and the motor driver was ordered to drive fast and the Founder was given strict orders not to waste a single minute in the office. On reaching office, the head-clerk informed him that the lady expired as soon as he had placed his feet outside the bungalow.
Here was a continued episode which baffled all human solutions.
 She was a great devotee of Mataji. She actually heard the Mantra which the Founder was simply mentally chanting. The prophecy of the Pandharpur saint and its fulfilment were wonders. She saw Mother and heard Her words. A fast of a particular devotee earned the Mother's Grace of the boon of a weeks life extension. All these happenings began revolving in Founder's mind, finally resulting in an overpowering sense of his ingratitude to Mother.
The divine change in the Founder
Said he, " Should I be simply living pleasure-dipped and fully ungrateful to my Mother ? She has so often protected me all along and shown Herself to me  and I have not breathed  a single syllable to the world about Her mercifulness and Her dying for Her devotees. This one idea drove off all other ideas, even those required to  sustain himself in daily routine. He became semi-lunatic, weeping day and night and beating his forehead, sometimes against walls rolling on ground  and saying only one thing. " I am a wretch, most ungrateful creature. Even such a simple thing as a glorification of Thyself, I have not done ".
Mother's command to install Her as Mai
He had to go on a long leave. Doctors consulted diagnosed that he had no disease whatever. He had divine madness. The best medicine was constant talk about Mother and mother's occupation within his hearing and seeing. This was a furnace period, during which there was wholesale drastic change in the Founder's religious outlook.  All the pride of Hindu-ism, Vedas, Brahmins ( he himself being a Nagar the highest Brahmin in Gujerat ) and the belittling of other religions evaporated. Strangely and wonderfully, Mother finally commanded him to install Her as Mai The Universal Divine Mother
" God as Mother, Mother of all, propitiable with universal love  service, devotion and unconditional cheerful self-surrender ". These six words and expressions he would often hear in the air and would read written on walls and on the ceiling between joist-gaps and on closed doors and windows. He pleaded his full unworthiness for such an innovation. The more he tried to evade. the more did Mother sit on his heart and head till the sweet talk became artificially  embittered and wrathful. "What do you prefer ? Installing me as Mai with the dictated 6 tenets or life-long present semi-lunacy ?
The Founder finally gave the promise to Mother, and so to say escaped,on giving promise, in order to avert semi-lunacy. His recovery was marvellously quick after promise and he returned to Poona and rejoined his service. He had a word of reminders  from Mother almost every week.But he was too conscious of the crushing responsibility, to so easily yield. He went on procrastinating. 
Two persons one in Calcutta and the other in Mysore ( Shemoga ) were given command in dreams to go over to the city of Poona and deliver Her Message of Installing Mother.
 Two messengers leave for Poona 
The Calcutta message-bearer came over to Poona. Finding no place in any other hotel, he had come over to the hotel where Founder resided. With great despondency as to how to find the man in such a large unknown city, he fell into sleep at 10 p.m. He had a dream: " Don't be afraid and losing heart. I have brought you to the man. Just at 12 midnight, you see things through the slits of the common door  between you room and the front room. You have to hand over the message  to the man there in the morning. Make a bold statement ". The man saw the Founder at the said hour in communion, full of solicitations to Mother " to find some other man to install etc. " In the morning he delivered the message in a bold convincing manner and left.
The Mysore devotee ( The man was  M.R.Ananta Ayya ) who carried the message happened to come to the hotel as a casual visitor. The Founder by chance went to the dinning floor at the time man was dinning. As soon as that man saw the Founder returning to his place , he suddenly left his half meal and ran after the Founder. Most abruptly he talked, " Are you a devotee of Devi ? " Founder also made no delay : " Yes, not only a devotee, but a passionate, most uneasy devotee."  Still more abruptly, the man said, " I come from Mysore. I have a message to hand over to you from Mother. " The Founder got dumb-founded. " Yes, please come up to my room."  The man followed; the message was communicated. Said the man, " I have come so far. Would you not favour me with a spark of love for Mother ? I have enough of Divine Knowledge for my purpose"( this was only his modesty). Said the Founder, " Are you prepared? Would you sit with me on the bench of the  Sheikh Sulla bridge during night hours? " He agreed. The Founder was sitting with him from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m. on a wooden bench. The man went to his place. He was at the highest pitch of desire  that he may have a vision of Mother atleast in the dream. He had a dream on sleeping. Mother appeared and said, " You are now longing for my Darshan. Who was talking to you for hours on the bridge? That was myself. You have not only seen me but talked with me ." The man narrated the event to the Founder at early dawn.
Founder's  resolution to install Mai & declaration of Mai-ism
Two persons coming down for the only purpose of delivering the message  was something too great to be taken lightly. That put the Founder to an indescribable shame about his  obstinacy and suspiciousness. Said he with a sigh , " I am surely a man without faith. I have faith in the reality of what I have seen and heard, but I have no faith in Mother making me fully fitted for the uphill unique task ". He was extremely nervous and terribly afraid of how people would consider his act and of their defaming him by attributing highest impudence , hypocrisy and blasphemy.
He decided to be tricky with Mother and to get her to agree to let her fad go once for all, but he could not succeed. On the other hand Mother directly repeated Her threat, " Tell me in one word once for all, what do you prefer - Installation or lunacy ? "
The Founder had no go and with a sorrowful laughter he sat down to stipulate terms with Mother, as he had done before , when he had begun  hundred repetitions of Saptashati. He made a Sankalpa ( a resolution ) pouring sacred water-offering to the Mother, " If there is entirely new building of which the first indweller is myself, if I enter it on a Friday, if by evening there is a dazzling light, if there is a basket of ' mithai ' and fruits received that day, if three girls and two men knock my door at 9.30 p.m. , if they press me to install Thee, if at 10 p.m. , I find Mother's picture in any shop, if at 11 p.m., I find some shop open wherefrom I can purchase worshiping materials and lastly if at 11.30 p.m. some ' Mali ' ( garland hawker) brings me a most beautiful garland befitting Thee and the occasion ,then I shall not hesitate and I shall not fail to install Thee and declare Thee and Thy Religion. "

Each and every condition was so wonderfully and admirably fulfilled. He was getting surer and surer as one condition after another came up attaining fulfilment, and when finally a hawker shouted out ' Har Har ' ( Garland, Garland ), he burst into tears  on hearing that shout. He began to beat his breast and forehead . " Mother, thou hast finally caught me . Could you not find any other man, who is more worthy than myself ? " The five persons consoled him with sweetest words : " She would  do Her own work. Who is more blessed than yourself ? Why should you lose heart and courage ? Where is the question of your worthiness or unworthiness , at all sir, when She Herself has chosen you ? "
Installation of Mai & declaration of Mai-ism (on  2-9-1932)
 Mother was installed at 12 midnight on 2-9-1932. Said he to all that had gathered : " From today, I am a Mai-ist; from today my religion is ' God as mother, Mother of all, propitiable on living  the life of universal love and service, with devotion and unconditional cheerful self surrender '. Krishna, Mohammad, Christ, Jarthost, Buddha and every Founder of any religion is my Mother's ( Mai's ) illustrious son. From now, Bible or Koran is as venerable and worshippable to me as Geeta. A Mohammedan lady will find the same shelter in my home as a Hindu lady under communal riot ( this actually happened ). I will continue to pray God as I have prayed till now, whether in a Hindu Mandir, or a Mohammedan Masjid, or  a Christian Church or a Zoroastrian Agiari or an Israelite Synagogue. No more religious differences ; the devotion of Mother
is necessarily the devotion of Mother's children. I am a changed religious man from this moment. " Said the Founder, " I install Mai today. I declare Mai-ism today. Let it be known to one and all of my friends. Let the world if so minded now commence the work of ridiculing, defaming, censuring, suppressing, harassing and crushing me and the Mai movement. "
News spread around. The nearest people were Theosophists and Harijans. Some educated Harijans had the most reverential regard for the Founder, the man who was Love and Mercy himself with innocent childlikeness and who was happily blessed with the most intense devotion. People began calling him ' second Ramakrishna ' ,  ' Mother's child ', ' Mother ' or ' Mataji ' actually addressing as ' Mother ' or ' Mataji '  .
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