Wednesday, February 3, 2016

One among the various grace instances of Divine Mother Mai

Jay Mai Jay Markand Mai

I have had the Grace experience of Universal Divine Mother Mai of Maiism on very many occasions. One such small experience is narrated here.

On 15 February 1997 my mother and I had come from Pune to Mumbai as we desired to have the darshan of Mai and Maiji at Mai Niwas, Santa Cruz West Mumbai . We met the then Maiji 5 (Mai Markand J.K.Bhatt). We offered prayers at Mai Niwas for some time. After having Mai prasad lunch in the afternoon around 1.30 p.m. my mother and I sat in the Mai Hall right in front of Universal Mother Mai's Idol. At that time we saw that a picture of Mother Mai was hung on one side of the Mai Hall leading to the inside room. That picture was of Adi Laksmi. This was the picture which was installed by Most Beloved Founder Maiji on 2 September 1932 - MAI INSTALLATION DAY.
In His book "Mai-ism" consisting of 734 pages on page No, 58 Founder Maiji described about one incident that took place at Nasik  and has mentioned therein that ' This is my Mother's photo " (Universal Divine Mother Mai). Similarly in MAI SAHASRANAMA  Book Maiji has stated that this photo is always kept near Him and being worshipped. From the year 1949 onwards Founder Maiji spent rest of His life at Mai Niwas, Mumbai.

In the year 1998 it was observed that Mother's photo was given some additional paint and colour and the Kumkum applied so much so that beautiful appearance of Mother in that photo has lost its charm and looks very different. Prior to May 1997 that photo had original beauty and its paper quality had started becoming dull and it was kept in the big photo frame. I have seen it myself  in the years 1995 to 1997 . Alas, after 1997 , this photo looked changed beyond imagination. The experience I am going to narrate below is pertaining to the Universal Mother Mai's and specially connected to this particular photo, hence the above details are given and now I want to narrate my experience.

At Mai Niwas my mother and I were sitting in front of the photo of the Most Merciful Divine Mother. At that time my mother very slowly whispered in my ear and asked whether she will be allowed to hold that photo of Universal Divine Mother Mai and she desires to tightly hug it to her heart.

On hearing this I told my mother, "Shri Bhat Saheb (the then Maiji 5) is in kitchen and having his lunch; after he finishes his lunch I shall ask him, but I feel it is not proper to ask." After hearing this my mother did not speak any thing but I could understand from her face expression that she has not overcome such a desire. For some time my mind was fully occupied as to how could I have this photo in our hands. Thereafter since I did not get any way out for it, I dropped that idea. Then 10 to 15 minutes went off peacefully.

Dear readers ! Within few minutes my mother's desire was fulfilled by Most Merciful Mother Mai which is explained below :

Very soon one girl aged between 15 to 16 and doing domestic work in Mai Niwas came from outside and stood very near us. Before we could ask her any thing , she said," You want to see Mother Mai's Photo. Well, that photo I will remove from the wall there for you ". Saying this and without expecting our reply the girl immediately ran and went inside the room and came with a small stool, she climbed on it  and removed the photo from the nail  affixed on the wall and gave it in my mother's hands.

Since this incident happened with in one or two minutes and that too suddenly I was fully perplexed and became dumbfounded!!

My mother was very happy and she took that photo of Universal Divine Mother Mai very close to her heart and started prostrating again and again. I also held that photo very tightly and close to my heart in her ( that girl's) presence. We had the darshan of that photo to our hearts content and delight. That girl was standing there & was happily watching our actions with a great surprise !!! After sometime the girl kept back the photo, hung it in the original place by climbing on a stool and thereafter she went inside for her work.

We spent some more time sitting and after taking the permission of Shri Maiji 5  we left Mai Niwas in the afternoon and with great joy we returned to Pune by train.

Never will I  forget this wonderful incident which we had experienced in Mai Niwas of Most Merciful Mother  Mai.